Boyfriend or Bestfriend?

Adyna and Harry are bestfriend from year 1. Adyna told Harry to go at Xfactor. Adyna live with the boys and with her bestfriend Lola in a big house . Actually Lola, Harry and Adyna are bestfriend.
Harry stats to be very close to Adyna. They will make a couple or not? Read the story for more information.
Hope you like it! :)


8. Second surprise

Adyna's P.O.V.

" Adyna's gonna be a model" Harry said.

I was so shocked and happy in the same time. I went to hug him and kiss him. I didn't want to be a model but I think will be a good idea do be a model if this is Harry's  wish.


Next day....

" When do we go to Los Angeles?" I asked.

" On 13th February!" Harry said.

" And next day will be Valentine's Date ewww..!"  I said.

I hate  Valentine's Date is the most syrup thing I ever seen. Is like I  put an infinity of honey in a infinity of sugar.

" Valentine's Date is a sweet !" Harry said.

" No!" I said.

" Yes it is!" Harry said laughing.

" No!" I said laughing.

We start to run around and  he was running after me and finally he get me. He take me as a bridal style and he went outside where it was like 25 degrees. He jump with me in his hand in the swimming pool.

" Aaa don't do it!!!" I shout.

" I will do it!" Harry said laughing.


Hello!:) Sorry that the chapter is small but I will update it soon! 

Thank you for reading my story! 


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