Boyfriend or Bestfriend?

Adyna and Harry are bestfriend from year 1. Adyna told Harry to go at Xfactor. Adyna live with the boys and with her bestfriend Lola in a big house . Actually Lola, Harry and Adyna are bestfriend.
Harry stats to be very close to Adyna. They will make a couple or not? Read the story for more information.
Hope you like it! :)


9. L.A

Adyna P.O.V.

We arrive in L.A. It was burning hot! We went from the airport to a fancy hotel. The sun was shining in Harry's curls and his eyes. He was very relaxed and very glad and I was too.

" So what we gonna do today?" Harry said.

" We gonna sleep!" I said in a funny way.

" No we not gonna sleep! We will go somewhere special!" Harry said.

" Somewhere special  means we go to the hotel and sleep!" I said sarcastic.

And we kissed. As usual Paul ruin all the moment, he were everywhere with us.

" Guys we need to go! C'mon stop kissing!" Paul said.

" Ohhhh!! I can't have a special moment!" Harry said.

We went in the hotel and Paul goes to take the keys for the hotel room. We went to our room and we start to umpack.

" Finally Paul is not stressing us!" Harry said.

" I can't have a moment with my girlfriend!" Harry said.

" Girlfriend?!" I said sarcastic.

" Yes!" He said sarcastic too.

" Who's your girlfriend?I want to meet her soo much!" I said in a funny way.

" You just met her!" Harry said and he kiss me pasionately.

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