Boyfriend or Bestfriend?

Adyna and Harry are bestfriend from year 1. Adyna told Harry to go at Xfactor. Adyna live with the boys and with her bestfriend Lola in a big house . Actually Lola, Harry and Adyna are bestfriend.
Harry stats to be very close to Adyna. They will make a couple or not? Read the story for more information.
Hope you like it! :)


2. Harry's Profile

Name: Harry Edward Styles

Birthday: 1 February 1944

Age: 22 years old ( it's not in 2012)

Best friends: Adyna, Lola, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Naill Horan.

Family: Anne( mother), Robin( stepfather), Gemma ( sister).

Girlfriend : non

Personality: Flirty, friendly, funny, loveable, romantic.


Food: Tacos and Twix.

Colour: Orange and Pink

Bands: Coldplay

Singers: Ed Sheeran

What do  i think about Adyna

beautiful, funny, loyal, friendly and sexy

She is the perfect girlfriend for every boy.

My relation with Adyna

We are very close,so i am like her brother. Everytime when she needs help i am there for her. I need to thank her cause she told me to go at Xfactor.


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