Mend Your Broken Heart

Desiree is an average girl. Her boyfriend abused her. One day, Desiree decided to run away from him. If she broke up with him to his face he would slap her, no doubt. She was useless and miserable until one very special boy came into her life that cured all her pain from her abusive ex to her dead parents. His name? ...Harry Edward Styles.


2. The Boy In The Meadow

Desiree had made it to the meadow. It wasn't just an ordinary meadow. No, it was the meadow her parents used to always take her to. It was so special to Desiree. It was magical to her. Whenever she was feeling down or depressed she would come here. It used to solve all her problems. Would it still solve them? She had to find out. She walked in the middle of the meadow and looked up at the sky. She was about to start her old routine she did here when she heard footsteps.
" no NO!" she whispered. Desiree ran deeper in the meadow and into the trees. Jason couldn't have found her! This place was a secret!
"Ah, the meadow," he heard someone whisper. But this wasn't the voice of her abusive ex. "My second home..."
Desiree peeked out of the trees to see a boy with beautiful curly locks and sparkling green eyes. The boy turned and looked straight at her. Shoot...he saw her.
"Hello, love," the boy said while walking towards Desiree. "I'm Harry. How did you find this place?"
Desiree stepped back, frightened that the boy might hurt her.
"It's ok, I'm not gonna hurt you." Harry chuckled while holding his hand out to her.
She lightly took it and he pulled her back into view.
"I'm Desiree," she whispered. "and how did YOU find this place?"
Harry's smile faded. "I've been going here since I was five. My mum showed me the meadow. She said to go here whenever I was down. I'm depressed right now. That's why I'm here. You see, me and the lads had a fight earlier. I don't know...We haven't really been getting along lately."
"I'm sorry." Desiree whispered soothingly.
"It's ok. Now I assume that you know about the "go here when you're sad" thingy. Why are you here?"
Desiree looked down at the ground. "My boyfriend...he um-" Desiree broke into tears. "My boyfriend abuses me. I ran away from him. It was the only way I could stop the pain."
Harry gasped in shock. "Babe, are you ok?!" he hugged her in a protective way.
Desiree cried even more into his shirt. "No..."
Harry looked her in the eyes. "Desiree, stay with me. Please."
Desiree looked back at him. "I can't, Harry. I'm sorry."
"Please, Desiree. Please." he begged her.
"Yay!" Harry looked so excited. But why?
Desiree was right. It all clicked. Harry WAS her protector. He was even more than that. She realized that even though she just met him, she felt so good around him. Harry was Desiree's protector AND reliever. No more pain. No more sorrow. It was all gone. She didn't have to have anymore sleepless nights thinking about Jason hurting her. This is was it. It was all over.
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