Mend Your Broken Heart

Desiree is an average girl. Her boyfriend abused her. One day, Desiree decided to run away from him. If she broke up with him to his face he would slap her, no doubt. She was useless and miserable until one very special boy came into her life that cured all her pain from her abusive ex to her dead parents. His name? ...Harry Edward Styles.


4. Harry's Flat

"Wow..." Desiree whispered as she walked in. Harry chuckled.
"You like it?" he asked.
"No." Desiree stated. His smile turned into a frown. "I love it."
Harry's smile returned, getting even wider. "Thanks. I designed it myself." he said proudly.
Desiree looked at him in amazement. "You did? You're quite the artist then."
The flat contained a beautiful silk white bed, a view of the ocean, and much much more.
"Well, get comfy," Harry said. "I'll be back in a few. I'm gonna go get is some food, ok?"
She nodded and watched him open the door and leave. She began to take her stuff out of her bag and put her clothes in Harry's closet. Harry told Desiree to do this when they arrived on their way here. After about 5 minutes Desiree was settled in and Harry came back with some Nando's chicken.
Desiree ate her food carefully like it was her first meal. After all, she hadn't ate a complete meal in a long time, thanks to Jason.
"Thank you so much, Harry." Desiree whispered after she finished her food.
"No problem," Harry replied. "It's the least I could do."
The day went by slowly and Desiree prepared her bed on the floor.
"No!" Harry exclaimed making Desiree look up. "I You could sleep on my if you want to."
"Um..ok." Desiree blushed.
Harry pulled Desiree up on Harry's bed and Desiree fell asleep in Harry's arms. Harry was a stranger to her. He was just someone she met at a very special place, but, strangely, she felt so safe in Harry's arms. Desiree felt like she could just lay here forever. Nobody can hurt her here. Nobody could do anything to her. This was her home.
A/N: I promise it'll get more exciting in the next chapter! Just let her adjust a little aha well hope you liked it! Mkay byee(: Xx Breanna xX
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