Mend Your Broken Heart

Desiree is an average girl. Her boyfriend abused her. One day, Desiree decided to run away from him. If she broke up with him to his face he would slap her, no doubt. She was useless and miserable until one very special boy came into her life that cured all her pain from her abusive ex to her dead parents. His name? ...Harry Edward Styles.


1. A Living Nightmare

"Desiree," she heard Jason call. "Get your ass over here right now!"
Desiree got up the ground, which she was sweeping, and ran into the Jason's bedroom.
"Yes, Jason?" she asked while looking down at the ground. She already knew what was coming. She already knew that he was gonna abuse her even more.
"You didn't clean the kitchen," Jason screamed at her. With one swift of the hand, he slapped her across the face knocking her on the ground. Jason kicked Desiree hard in the stomach. "Now get up and go do it you filthy hoe!"
Desiree winced in pain. It hurt so bad. This was happening on a daily basis. She didn't scream because Jason would just kick her harder. She quickly got to her feet. Of course Desiree didn't want anymore pain.
"This is it, Desiree...," she quietly whispered to herself as she walked out the room. ""
She ran to her small room, quick on her feet, grabbed the bag that's been packed and ready for a while, and ran out the door.
Desiree heard his footsteps close behind her. She swerved and ran into a bush so he wouldn't find her.
"Desiree, I will find you so you better watch out you little bitch! Fuck it! If I ever see you again, I'll KILL you. Simple as that. I know you hear me! I WILL find you! Just watch!"
She heard the footsteps dying out then silence. She peeked out of the bushes and saw no one there so she got up and out of there. She was running and running and running. Then it hit her. She must go there. That place was her only hope...The Meadow.
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