Fangs with a hint of magic.

Hermione,Ron,and Harry are on a Summer holiday there room mates are nice,but there is a bit of a bite to them.


2. Entry two

Dear diary, 

We got off the train, it was cold the sky was gray, the place was full of people hastily running around dragging there suitcases after them children moaning. We were soaking we waited for our taxi or (cab) as they say here but nothing came. Harry suggested we evaperated but i told him to use some common sense, there are muggles everywhere! He was in a mood after that. We decided we had no choice but to hitch hike. Everyone shook there heads and some swore loudly. Then a shiny white Volvo pulled in a girl wound down the window, her hair in pixie cut with a big smile on her face want a lift? "Jump in!" she said, "i'm Alice" Got to go i will write soon.



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