Fangs with a hint of magic.

Hermione,Ron,and Harry are on a Summer holiday there room mates are nice,but there is a bit of a bite to them.


3. Entry three

Dear diary,


I am sat here with my hands other my dairy, i don't want the others to see this! Alice's family are proving to be a bit different. The boy who is sat beside me is backing away from me quikely,and Alice keeps murmuring to an extremely pale teenager who slams his hands down very often. Suddenly the car jolted to a very sudden holt, i knew something was seruisly wrong suddenly there was fast shouting and before i knew it, Edward had slapped Alice round the cheek, "you idiot" murmured the boy sitting next to me. Blue blood began to poor down Alice's cheek,"It's not what it looks like!" she said. "That's nothing!" said Ron we've seen silver-" before he could say anything else Harry put his hand other Ron's mouth. i will right again,



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