Fangs with a hint of magic.

Hermione,Ron,and Harry are on a Summer holiday there room mates are nice,but there is a bit of a bite to them.


4. Entry four.

Dear diary, Harry suggested that i don't keep this diary no more. He reckons that i might end up writing something about magic, but still i swear that there is something wrong with this lot. Blue blood, So pale! By the way i forgot to mention, the whole reason we are here is for a case which is based in America, apparently someone's keeping some non magical blood's hostage. Alice insisted we stayed the night because were we're going is further north we couldn't say no as we are all exhausted.   There house is amazing! It's surrounded by woods, the house is full of windows inside there are many pictures and flowers around the house. I'm not sure i like Jasper, he keeps looking at me and scowling. Alice keeps mumuring to Edward, "It's Victoria" says Alice. "Victoria is dead!" Edward shouted at one point and hit the table smashing a china vase. Everyone was silent. looks like we have both got secrets.

I don't think i will write again, goodbye from 



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