Fangs with a hint of magic.

Hermione,Ron,and Harry are on a Summer holiday there room mates are nice,but there is a bit of a bite to them.


8. Alice's thourghts

"Um Hermione would you mind just coming with us for a bit?" Edward said softly. I didn't like his tone. "Ok" said Hermione looking deeply into Edwards eyes. We walked down the stairs and out of the house on the way through we saw Ron. "What the heck are you doing?" he said looking at Edward and then Hermione. Hermione gave an apologetic smile and shrugged. "Huh as if i care" grumbled Ron. We made it outside into the forest,"Climb on my back" said Edward to Hermione. "What?!" said Hermione laughing.

"Just do it" i said to Hermione. Cautiously Hermione got on and shot of like a jet through the forest Edward ran the wind blew quickly matching Edward's movements. Hermione screamed and screamed,Edward smirked. Suddenly i began to have a vision. I saw a prison and i heard Edward's screams,it was horrible. 

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