Fangs with a hint of magic.

Hermione,Ron,and Harry are on a Summer holiday there room mates are nice,but there is a bit of a bite to them.


7. Alice's thourghts

"Ask them then" i said confidently. I looked at Harry.

Edward said nothing. I sighed, "You all act so weirdly" i said. "As if......"  "AS IF WE WERE WHAT?" 

said Hermione striding in. "NOTHING" i said through gritted teeth. "Alice was just telling us...." harry began realizing his mistake. "What?" said Hermione. "Nothing" said Harry guiltily. "Harry Potter you tell me right now!" shouted Hermione. 

"Would you just leave it Hermione?!" said Harry walking off. "It's better that we just show her" mummered Edward. Edward was right.

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