Public Priorities

When the incredibly talented Lily Logan is thrown into the world of performance, judgement, bitter rivalry and celebrity by the UK's most talked about singing competition, she's forced to question everything she believes in. Balancing weekly performances and a pushy mentor whilst trying to make sure her tendency to speak her mind doesn't get her into trouble, Lily tries to work out if she's pleasing herself, or everyone around her.


2. 'Immediate and lasting consequences'

"LILY over here!"

"How would you describe your relationship with Pandora?"

"Is it true you've never had a boyfriend?"

"What's your reaction to rumours you're dating a member of The Straightways?"

"Can you comment on the reports of Amelie LaRose's diva demands backstage?"

Screams, shouts, swirls of hands, coats and cameras and blinding flashes were all I could see and hear as I was hurried into the Contestant House. Closing the massive glass door behind him and setting the state-of-the-art electrical locks on all the windows and doors, my bodyguard Big Jay laughed to himself. "Lil' Lily, I think the press like you! they stick to you like glue!" His booming deep-south american accent rang throughout the massive white and chrome house.

A stampede of rushing footsteps could immediately be heard running down the stairs. It was of course, The Straightway boys.

No series of the M Factor could not be complete without a few heartthrobs to grab the attention of the female teenage fangirl population of the entire country. Except me, of course.

I'll admit it, I'm not a boyband type of person.I never was. I never looked at the heart-throbs in magazines and swooned and drooled like I seemed to be expected to do. The Straightway boys where all individually mediocre where vocals where concerned and in no way different to any other manufactured boyband soon to be swallowed up by the M Factor machine.

" Why hellooooo lov-el-lay miss Lil-lay!" Kevin said with a wink, looking me up and down in my unbelievably attractive supermarket-brand tracksuit bottoms and hoody. Ew. To be the most flirtatious (perverted) contestant of the series, (that always happened to 'coincidently' walk into the rooms the females are changing in), I never imagined 'Kevin' to be the name of a pin up. Kevin's the name of your weird uncle, not the boy that covers your bedroom walls.

"Morning Kevin" I said with cold, dead, eyes. Having just come back from a staged 'mentor session' with Pandora to walk straight into a wave of paps, my sarcasm had worn thin.

"What about some morning glory for me too?" said Matt, being generous enough to greet me with a hug. Matt was Straightway's resident gay member. The press however did not know this- so I find it rather funny that I keep being 'linked' to him. We were just genuinely good friends, something I'd been yearning for to keep me sane through out this process. " Loving the look, really, you'll start a trend. Pandora would be so envious,". Matt ruffled my messy hair, realising I really wasn't in the mood for conversing.

The third member of the boyband was Freddie. He never really spoke. Having been added to the Duo of Matt and Kevin after originally being a solo act, no one really knew who he was. He was just there. But all the same, Matt and Kevin had to make it look like he 'belonged', it was good press. 

That was another thing, we had a massive lecture about good press. No talking about other contestants to the press. No discussing song choices or performance details with other contestants or the press. All these rules and regulations set by the omniscient produces that acted as our gods for the next few months. We'd been warned that breeching these rules meant 'immediate and lasting consequences '. Hurray. 




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