Public Priorities

When the incredibly talented Lily Logan is thrown into the world of performance, judgement, bitter rivalry and celebrity by the UK's most talked about singing competition, she's forced to question everything she believes in. Balancing weekly performances and a pushy mentor whilst trying to make sure her tendency to speak her mind doesn't get her into trouble, Lily tries to work out if she's pleasing herself, or everyone around her.


1. First Impressions

I used to think myself lucky if I managed to find a seat on the crowded bus home everyday, but as I sat on my ridiculously comfy seat on the First Class flight from Miami to London, I was reminded that recently, any definition of luck I held before I entered this contest had been completely rewritten. 

Across from me, my fellow finalist Amelie LaRose (her real name is unknown, and it doesn't take a genius to work out that her hair, nails, lashes and tan are as fake as the Gucci bag sat on her lap) sat pouting into a hand mirror. She'd walked on stage at the Auditions appearing to be quivering wreck, which of course triggered the tabloids to question if her 'crippling nerves' would mean that she'd thrown away her chances at getting far. But having delivered amazing renditions of the world's most powerful songs, (including a devastating Beyonce cover which wiped the floor with any other performance at Bootcamp) her talent was undisputed.

From our knowledge, our mentor had got her own private jet to fly her back from Judge's Houses. I found it quite ironic that the Judge's 'house' was actually a $7,500 a night luxury hotel - not that I was complaining about it, I mean all expenses paid trip to Miami? I could order as much room service as I wanted with unlimited wi-fi access- perfection.

Our mentor was the amazingly over-hyped ex-girl band member Pandora Fox. Up until a few months ago, she was merely a minor member of a has-been girl group that, due to crushing album and ticketing sales, disbanded. I'll admit that when it happened, my twelve year fangirl self cried over my posters for a whole weekend, I even had their calender and stationary set- I was hardcore. Of course, the M Factor had magically boosted her career and given her a miraculous glamorous makeover, much to the reported envy and disgust of the other washed-up ex-members.

To say that I'd barely spoken to Pandora was an understatement. Of course the camera's would show her giving us hugs and little encouraging pep talks about how 'special we were individually' and  'how hard a decision this was for her'. But we were only to speak to: 'Ms Fox' as her PA called her, if we were spoken to first. Performing for her and her world-famous rapper friend Yo-Ho was nerve-wracking enough without her having chosen my song: one of the cheesiest love songs of all time. But she'd be choosing my songs for the next few help me God.

Sat slouched in my leather seat, face against the plane window out to the Atlantic ocean, I made a promise to myself. I'd stay true to myself. I wouldn't let anything or anyone to come between me and winning that recording deal. It would be me, the stage, the audience and of course whatever musical choice Pandora had in store for me.

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