What happened when I met one direction

Emma jones had always wanted to meet one direction as she was crazy about Louis unfortunately when she meet one direction she didn't expect this to happen...!


2. The surprise

Emma pov:
I woke up to my family singing happy birthday "what the!" I exclaimed as my mum walked in with a huge one direction cake , screaming I ran over blew out the candles and cut into the cake there in the middle was an envelope I grabbed it and nearly fainted as I took out 2 tickets to see one direction in 1 month in the front row
"How did you know?" I cried with happiness
"Tammie" replied mum
"Omg I love that girl!" I exclaimed
I ran to the home phone and there in front of it was another package a slightly small one so I ripped of the paper and pulled out a signed blackberry by one direction and some vans
"How mum just how?" I asked
"secret!" she laughed

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