Love Story #Imagines (Requests)

Want a personal love story imagine? Leave a comment with names, descriptions, and any specific details you want to have. I will try to update with new imagines daily.


4. Victoria & Niall <3

I was about to face my fears and ride the Ferris wheel. I'm so afraid of heights. I handed the guy my tickets and walked into the Ferris wheel.
"Let's go!" The guy said. He was gesturing for another person to come on because there had to be two people in a seat. In came none other than Niall Horan. He sat next to me and the ride started to go up into the night sky. I started to shake, and he noticed because he slid over closer to me and pulled me close.
"As long as you're in my arms, nothing will hurt you'" he says. We spend the rest of the time getting to know each other.
"So, Victoria, do you have a boyfriend?" He asks.
"No. Why?" I say.
"I might be able to change that," he says, and kisses me softly.
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