Love Story #Imagines (Requests)

Want a personal love story imagine? Leave a comment with names, descriptions, and any specific details you want to have. I will try to update with new imagines daily.


11. Mackenzie & Justin <3

I wasn't really sure how to put a plot together for what information you gave me, and I couldn't find one to borrow. So I just put a lot of little imagines together, that sort of show how your lives together play out. I'm sorry if it's bad. I'll redo it if you want me to.

Imagine meeting Justin at Disney World and automatically knowing you're made for each other. Imagine having a paint fight with Justin. Imagine kissing Justin in the rain. Imagine Snuggling with Justin on a rainy day. Imagine baking pies and desserts with Justin and getting in a food fight. 
Imagine you hear a noise, so you look outside to see your boyfriend Justin singing "Little Things" to you. Imagine You and Justin wearing matching Halloween costumes. Imagine opening your eyes one morning to see Justin right next to you. Imagine snuggling by the fireplace with Justin and drinking hot chocolate. Imagine you and Justin taking a romantic walk on the beach at sunset. Imagine wrestling each other in the sand, then running to the water and making out. Imagine getting the perfect engagement ring from Tiffany's. Imagine buying a little cottage with your fiancé, Justin. Imagine having your first dance at your wedding with Justin. Imagine opening your eyes to see Justin holding your brand new baby girl. Imagine growing old with the one you love. <3

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