Love Story #Imagines (Requests)

Want a personal love story imagine? Leave a comment with names, descriptions, and any specific details you want to have. I will try to update with new imagines daily.


3. Jess & Louis <3

"No, we're done!" I yell to my now ex- boyfriend. I was visiting him over the weekend and I find him in his room kissing another girl. I grabbed my stuff and stomped out of there. 
"Jess, wait!" He yells, grabbing my shoulder and spinning me around, 
"No. This relationship is over!!" I say, freeing myself from his grip. 
"You'll never find anyone like me!" He yells.
"That's the point." I reply. I slam the door as I exit. I run to my car and slam the door. I begin bawling. 'Why me?!' I think, slamming my fists on the steering wheel. Someone taps on the passenger window. I put the window down.
"Haven't you done enough, Jason?!"
"Are you okay? Would you like to talk?" A voice says. I look up.
Louis Tomlinson.
  I got out of my car and walked up to Louis. He put his arm around me and we sat on the curb.
"What happened? And what's your name?" He asks me. 
"I'm-I'm Jess. I just caught my boyfriend cheating on me." I say. He tightens his wrap around my shoulders so my head is on his shoulder.
"You deserve better!" He says.
"I know. That's why I walked out." I say, looking at him. He holds my gaze.
"Maybe you could walk into my life."

If this isn't what you were looking for, I can redo it, but I already had it from one of my fanfics with your name and everything :) 
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