Love Story #Imagines (Requests)

Want a personal love story imagine? Leave a comment with names, descriptions, and any specific details you want to have. I will try to update with new imagines daily.


8. Alyssa & Louis <3

I woke up to go to work at Nando's. It was the most boring job! But I had to get money, so I dealt with it.

"Welcome to Nando's, can I take your order?" I say, not looking up.
"I'll take a chicken wrap and your number. Can I have that?" He asks. I look up and gasp. Louis Tomlinson!
"Ask me at my lunch break. I'll tell you then," I say with a wink.

At my lunchtime, I went over to where Louis sat. He smiled and pushed his tray to the side.
"So, how about that number?" He asks. I pull over a napkin and jot down my number. I slide it towards him but pull away before he can grab it.
"I'm Alyssa, by the way." I say.
"I'm Louis. I'm surprised you didn't fangirl. That's why I like you!" He says.
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