Love Story #Imagines (Requests)

Want a personal love story imagine? Leave a comment with names, descriptions, and any specific details you want to have. I will try to update with new imagines daily.


7. Alyssa & Christian <3

"Alyssa, how are you feeling?" Cristian asks me.
"Still sick," I say.
"I'll be over, okay?" He says and hangs up.
A little bit after, I hear a car beep and snuggle into my bed more. I see Cristian enter with a thermos, a heart shaped box, and a stack of movies. I smile and open my arms, then quickly drop them.
"I don't think you would want to hug a sick person," I say. He walks up and hugs me, saying, "Sick or not, you're my baby."
We spend the rest of the day watching romantic movies and cuddling.
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