London 2012: Looking Back

A recap of the London 2012 Olympic Games and a way to recapture the magic and glory of the XXX Olympiad. From the Opening Ceremony to the gold medal winners, the athletes to the venues in which they competed, the medal tallies to the glittering legacy of the Games that will live on all the way to Rio 2016... I felt particularly inspired by the London 2012 Olympics, so much so that I wanted to write something special to remember it by. Hope you enjoy it!


6. Athletes

Here’s an insight into who were some of Britain’s gold medal winners during London 2012.

Chris HOY

Sir Christopher Andrew Hoy was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 23rd of March, 1976. Chris was heavily influenced by the film E.T to become a cyclist after watching it multiple times when he was younger, although it’s unlikely that even he could anticipate his success. With 6 gold medals as well as one silver so far throughout his continuing Olympic career, he and Steve Redgrave are tied as the British Olympians with the most gold medals. 

Jessica ENNIS

Jessica Ennis, MBE is the poster girl for British athletics and despite the pressure that rests on her shoulders, she managed to achieve in 2012 what eluded her in Beijing- an Olympic gold medal.  The girl from Sheffield had always had an interest in athletics and from an early age she showed distinct promise, in particular in the 100m hurdles. By the time London 2012 came around she was a successful heptathlete and hurdler but she finally got to add the coveted Olympic gold medal to her collection.  


Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, Mohamed Farah moved to the UK when he was eight and has since taken permanent residence here, even running on our behalf in major competitions, including the Olympic Games. His events include the 1500m, 3000m, 5000m and the 10,000m and it seemed that 2012 was his golden year- he won 2 gold medals, with only a week between them both.


This year, Charles Benedict Ainslie, CBE became the first person to win medals in sailing at five Olympic Games and the second to win four gold medals. Along with a number of other medals and titles, he’s faced off opposition and has been rewarded for his contributions to both Finn and Laser sailing.

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