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Everyone has their first heartbreak at some point. As Bree goes through one of the worst break ups, she encounters five amazingly sweet and cute boys. She finds out they're all best friends ...Who will she pick?


2. Moving.

It was 6:30 and I was curling my hair for tonight's date. I was crying. How could my mom do this to me?!? She knew I loved Alex. Today marked two years for us and now she's making me move!!? I looked into the mirror. In just week I Bree Woodward will be living in Dublin. Why out of all the places in the world would my mom chose Ireland? I started to apply waterproof mascara, I knew there would be tears tonight. I decided to go with a rosy pink eyeshadow and then applied lipgloss. I put my pink dress on and then my sparkly silver heels. I looked at myself in the mirror, for once o actually liked how I looked. It was 6:55 and Alex had already arrived. He was always a little early so he could chat with my parents. I got my clutch and inside it was my phone, mascara and lipgloss. I walked down stairs and saw Alex. He looked gorgeous in a tux.
"Hi sweetie! You look gorgeous!" My mom sang.
Alex turned to look at me. He smiled at me and mouthed "Beautiful" I smiled and went over to his side. My mom snuck a few pictures, then we were out the door. He opened the passenger door to his Porsche and I got in.
"Where are we going?" I smiled.
"You'll see." He winked.
"Alex .. Promise me something?" I looked at him.
"Yeah?" He looked worried.
"Promise that no matter what we'll always keep in touch." I looked down.
"Of course." He smiled then didn't say anything for the rest of the ride.
After about an hour of driving, he said "We're here!"
I looked out, it was dark and I couldn't see anything.
"Are you gonna kill me ?!?" I giggled.
"Yes ma'am." He laughed.
We laughed and he opened the car door for me. I looked up and all you could see was a million little stars. I smelled pine trees and the nature. Now I knew where we were. We were at Mount Charleston. Four years ago we met here in December. I had just moved here and my mom knew his mom so we all came up here and had some fun in the snow. There was no snow now, but the trees leaves were on the grounded and it was getting a little chilly. He got out a picnic blanket and basket. He smiled.
"Oh Alex .." I smiled. Tonight was going to be perfect. I took my heels off.
"Here your mom gave me a pair of your flats, we figured you'd need them. " he handed me my pink flats.
When we were done eating, we just laid there and looked up at the stars.
"Alex .." I looked over at him.
"I know.. Your mom told me. " He frowned.
"Bree, I knew a month ago. .."
"So you're saying everyone kept this a secret from me?!?"
I stood up and crossed my arms.
"It's not like that.."
"No it's exactly like that!"
I ran off in tears. What was going on?! Why didn't anyone tell me ?!? I kept running and running until I tripped over a rock. I fell and decided not to get up. I cried myself to sleep in that exact spot.

-Alex's POV-
I ran around looking for Bree. Where was she?! I took out my phone, no signal. Uhg.
"BREE!!!!" I shouted.
I walked and walked, then I found her asleep on the ground. I picked her up and walked back to the car. I set her in the car, buckled her up and drove to her house. She woke up when we were half way there.
"Don't ." She said and looked out the window.
I didn't say anything the rest of the way, I hated when the love of my life was mad at me.
When we got to her house she stomped out of my car, looked at me, closed the door and ran into her house. I got my iPhone 4S out and sent her mom a text:
'.. She's pretty upset. I'll be back tomorrow to talk to her. /:'
'Its okay, tomorrow she will understand :)'
'I hope .'
Then I sent a text to Bree:
'I'm sorry ): '
She read it, but didn't reply. I started the car up and then saw her looking out through her window. I drove away.
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