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Everyone has their first heartbreak at some point. As Bree goes through one of the worst break ups, she encounters five amazingly sweet and cute boys. She finds out they're all best friends ...Who will she pick?


1. The talk

-Bree's POV-

'Hey gorgeous'- I had just gotten a text from Alex (my boyfriend)

'Hey handsome:)'- I replied

'We need to talk'

'Alright .. What's up :) ?'

'Come outside. This is should be done in person'


I squealed. What was the surprise ?!? I thought to myself. Alex was always coming up with crazy surprises. I quickly changed from my PJs to shorts and a tank top. I walked down the stairs and out the door. There he was. His blues looked so bright in the sun, I loved it. He ran his fingers through his blonde hair. God I was so lucky. He opened his arms and I ran into them. He twirled me around. I giggled. He put me down and he got this serious look on his face.

"What's wrong love?" - Bree.

"I love you, Bree. Ya know that?" -Alex

"But not as much as I love you." I smiled.

"We all know I love you more!" Alex smiled.
I slowly took his watch and ran.
"Catch me if you can!" I giggled.
I turned and expected to see him chasing me. I didn't see him, where had he gone? Then I felt warm hands cover my eyes. I giggled.

"Guess who!"- Alex tried to use a girly voice.

"Hm. Ashley Tisdale?!?"- I laughed.

"No silly. It was supposed to be Selena Gomez!"-Alex crossed his arms.
I kissed his cheek and he was still crossing his arms. So I ran behind him. Then I ran up and jumped on his back.
"Hey. You never told me what you wanted to talk about."- I jumped off his back.

"It's nothing. Just wanted to see my lovely princess." Alex wrapped his arms around me.
I smiled. Could life get any better? I looked into my house, my mom had been signaling for me to come in.
"Uh oh. Looks like moms up. Umm.. I'll see you tonight? I love you."- I kissed him.
"I'll be here at 7"- he smiled.
I ran in. My mom waved at Alex and closed the door.
"Hun.. We need to talk. Go sit down .. " She looked concerned.

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