Goodbye Zayn

Zayn is gone. Not just gone to the shops, not just gone home. He is really gone, gone gone. When Liam finds Zayn's body, how can he ever tell Harry and Louis? Or even worse, Niall? Or even worser, Zayn's fiancee, Perrie? Zayn's and Perrie's wedding was on;y two weeks away! Or the worst thing ever, telling the fans. Will Liam ever forget the terrible memory of Zayn's face being smashed up? Will Liam find out what actually happened to Zayn, or WHO happened? Who will Liam tell the tragedy to first? (The story is all in Liam's point of view)


1. The Discovery

"Hey guys! I'm going to Zayn's flat, to see if Zayn's ok!" I yell upstairs to Niall, Harry and Louis, "Just don't break anything!" I say and I unlocked my flat's front door. I went outside, to feel the cold breeze hitting my face made me feel free. I left my front door open so the boys could leave whenever they liked. I walked down the road to where Zayn shared his flat with Niall. Zayn was getting married to Perrie, his fiancee. in two weeks time, and they both had decided that they would move in together after the wedding. Zayn and Niall lived around the corner and Harry and Louis lived in the house next to my flat. I shared my flat with my girlfriend Ellie (See my other story: I'm Sorry Liam). I finally reach Zayn's flat and I knock on the front door. No reply. I tried to call Zayn but his phone was off. I texted Zayn but no reply. I sat down on the wall surrounding Zayn's flat, waiting or Zayn to open the door, smiling his special 'Welcome!' smile. But I waited for twenty minutes, still nothing. I stood up and looked through his living room window. Nothing there, only his stuff. But as I look at the room carefully, to make sure that Zayn wasn't hiding, I spotted some drops of blood on his luscious white cushions. Zayn always kept his place spotless so this was unusual. But blood?! Why does he have blood on his cushions?! I panicked a bit and I ran to his kitchen's window, and there was Zayn. He wasn't cooking, he wasn't eating, he wasn't drinking. He was lying on the floor, lifeless, a pool of blood next to his head. I screamed, "ZAYN!", half expecting for Zayn to look up and grin. I walked around his flat (His flat was the ground floor) and I found a smashed window. I guess Zayn was sleeping and somebody came in a killed him. Maybe Zayn is still alive, just unconscious. I climbed in the smashed window, and ran to the kitchen. "Zayn! Please wake up!" I yelled over and over again, not wanting to face the fact that Zayn is dead. I wanted him to sit up and laugh and say it all was only a prank. But he lied there, nothing happening. Everything I did, shaking him and crying, seemed to happen in slo-motion. I wanted the floor to swallow me up whole. My heart ached so much, so much that I felt like I was having a heart attack and I was going to die. Zayn was like my brother, a brother I never had. What could I say to the others, what could I say to his family? What could I tell Perrie? I picked up Zayn's head gently, and I felt his pulse. His body was freezing cold. My tears dropped on Zayn's jet black hair with a caramel swirl. I wiped away my tears, and I picked up my phone. My hands were shaking as I dialled Ellie's number, "Hey Ellie?" I say, hands shaking violently. "Hello Liam! Are you okay? You don't sound right, have you been crying?" she replied. I smile a bit, Ellie was so caring and she could tell what was up just by hearing my voice. "Umm, come to Niall and Zayn's flat now, please!" I say, "I'll explain everything to you there. Love you!" "Okay babe, love you too!" Ellie replied then I hung up. I stood up from my knees and I paced around the kitchen, waiting for Ellie. I heard a knock at the door and I rushed to the door and opened the door. There was Ellie, smiling her adorable smile, her arms out for a hug, The fact that she knew nothing about Zayn and she didn't know the reason why I was crying, made me cry. I put my arms around Ellie's waist and I buried my face in Ellie's hair. Her arms wrapped around me and she rested her head on my chest. Her hair smelt of apples, fresh apples, the smell reminded me of the last photoshoot we had together; Louis, Harry, Niall, me and... Zayn. I cried and cried, holding Ellie tight. "What's happened?" Ellie asks, looking at me. "Zayn... Zayn's......" I shutter, I couldn't say it. I couldn't say that Zayn was dead. I let go of Ellie and I held Ellie's hand, then I led Ellie into the kitchen where Zayn was. I couldn't look at Zayn again, instead, I looked at Ellie. Ellie took one look at Zayn and she burst into tears. "Wh-W-What happened?" Ellie sobs. I pull Ellie in for a hug, and I look at Zayn once more time. Big mistake; I burst into tears again. Zayn looked so peaceful as if nothing had happened and he was only sleeping. "What are we going to do?" Ellie whimpered. I look at Zayn's body and I sigh loudly. 

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