Goodbye Zayn

Zayn is gone. Not just gone to the shops, not just gone home. He is really gone, gone gone. When Liam finds Zayn's body, how can he ever tell Harry and Louis? Or even worse, Niall? Or even worser, Zayn's fiancee, Perrie? Zayn's and Perrie's wedding was on;y two weeks away! Or the worst thing ever, telling the fans. Will Liam ever forget the terrible memory of Zayn's face being smashed up? Will Liam find out what actually happened to Zayn, or WHO happened? Who will Liam tell the tragedy to first? (The story is all in Liam's point of view)


2. Many Unanswered Questions

I pulled my phone out of my pocket, and I thought about who to call first. Niall or Louis or Harry? "Hey Ellie darling? Who should I call first? Nialla (Apparently, it's a real name! or Louise or Hairy Harry?" I say, looking at Ellie, trying to be funny. "Liam, this is serious, not a big joke," Ellie replied, looking up. But she couldn't stop a giggle escaping her red lips, "Call Nialla first, then Hairy Harry," she says, giggling again when she said Harry's nickname, "And lastly, Louise," 

I dialled Niall's number, "Hey Liam!" Niall's cheerful Irish voice answered, "Hey Nialla!" I replied, "How many times do I have to tell you? My name is NOT Nialla! Don't call me that! Anyway, any problems at your end?" he asks, "Umm, well, yeah, there is a problem and you need to go straight to your flat!" I say, "Wait, why?" he asks again. "Well, Zayn, he, uhmm, he's well...." I stammer, tears filling my eyes. I hang up on Niall. I couldn't say that Zayn was dead. I couldn't make Niall upset. I hated seeing Niall cry. I then called Harry and Louis, telling them to go to Zayn's flat. The doorbell rang and Ellie answered it. "Hey Nialla, come in," Ellie says, her cheeks tear-stained. "Don't call me tha- wait, what's happened? Have you been crying?" Niall replies, Ellie shook her head and she gently took Niall's hand and led him through into the living room. I was in the living room, sat on a couch, waiting. I was crying again, my head in my hands. "Liam, mate, please tell me!" Niall asks, sitting down next to me. I ignore him. I told Ellie to take the others into the living room because I didn't want one of them to face the body, I wanted the three of the others to know and see the same sight at the same time. Well, I hope you get what I mean. "Why won't I get information about what the hell is happening?!" Niall complains, standing up "Sit down and wait for the others," Ellie hissed. Niall sits down again, sulking. "I'm hungry, I'm going to the kitchen," Niall says, standing up. I look up at him with wide eyes. Zayn was in the kitchen. I grab his wrist and pull him down. Niall sits down again, "WHAT THE F**K IS GOING ON HERE?" Niall shouts, annoyed. "Wait for the other two," I say in a low and pained voice. I never have used this tone before so I guess it came as a shock to Niall. Niall's eyes stared at me, wide and scared. A knock at the door made Ellie jump and she went to welcome Louis and Harry inside. "Hey what's up lads?" Harry says, looking at me and Niall, "Ready boys?" I ask. Niall, Harry and Louis nod. "Follow me," I say and I lead them into the kitchen. "NO! IT'S NOT HIM!" Niall yell once he saw Zayn's body. Louis' legs buckled and gave away, causing Louis to fall to the floor. Louis fainted. "Wha-W-what happened?" Harry asked, kneeling down next to Louis. Louis looked as if he was dead as well. I just burst into tears again and Ellie came over to me and wrapped her arms around me, comforting me. I could hear that she was sobbing too. Niall started to cry uncontrollably. The fact that Zayn is dead hadn't hit Harry yet, he was still shocked and he couldn't barely speak. Niall knelt next to Zayn, his arms hugging Zayn. He didn't care that he was getting blood on him. Millions of unanswered questions whirled around my head. Who did this? What happened? Why did the person kill him? Who would hate Zayn so much, so much that the person killed him? Can we ever catch him? 

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