I wish

Michelle , Jazmine and Nina are three best friends since they were little, they always wished to go to the UK. When they get there something goes wrong , do they meet one direction ? do they find love ? what will happen next ?


2. Paris


I wake up at 7 am , I'm kind of tired the girls harassed me so my body is sore. I jump on Jazmine and hit Nina with a pillow they both shoot up and I laugh , " Time to wake up uglies " Nina gets dressed real quick she's wearing some white shorts , a red tight v neck with a peach scarf & and a jean jacket she leaves her long silky black straight hair down . I quickly run into the bathroom before Jazmine does I put on some black shorts ,  and caramel colored flats with a pink button up shirt I curled my long red hair , when i come out Nina says "wow I love your outfit " i say "Thanks" with a big smile . Jazmine comes out with jean shorts , a heart patterned collar shirt and some red converse she puts her long hazelnut hair up in a ponytail. We quickly ride a taxi to the place we were supposed to meet the tour group I'm so excited I cant wait to go to the Eiffel tower . Nina says " where are they ? " Jazmine says "I'm not sure I'm going to check if we are at the right place " she looks through her purse she was the one that had all the tour information and the times she looks up with a puppy dog face " I'm so sorry guys "  "What happened ? why are you sorry ? "  " The time we were supposed to be here was 7:30 not 8:30 don't  be mad at me please please please, " my stomach drops to the floor I'm not mad at Jazmine everyone makes mistakes .. and she's always accurate Nina says " what why how did you confuse that !?!?!?! it clearly says 7:30 where you even paying attention ! " " don't scream at her " I say " but we just missed the tour group who's going to take us around we are lost . " Nina says i look over to Jazmine she has her hands on her face i feel really bad so i say " its okay we will just go in taxi we can make our own way around ". i quickly jump inside a cab with Jazmine and Nina following me . "Can you take us to the Eiffel tower? " i say " Wee " the guy says he  kind of looks sketchy .... but i don't let it bother me we already have to go places alone. 


What did I do I seriously just ruined our trip to the UK I feel so bad , I know Jessica is just trying to not hurt my feelings but I can tell she's kind of mad and sad I mean it is our dream and I kind of ruined it . I don't like this taxi driver he looks like a  Pedophile, creeper, donkey face dude, I keep I to myself though I'm too upset to say anything. I look out the window and I notice that we are driving through an abandoned ally it looks so poor and alone i whisper to Jessica " what are we doing here it doesn't seem like we're going the right way " Jessica tells the taxi driver " why are we going this way ? " he reply's " Give me 627 pounds or ill leave you here " Nina's eyes bulge " 627 what ?!?! "  " pound" he says " we d on't have that amount of money, " i say " okay then get out" I get out quickly i mean you never know what the guy is going to do , Jessica and Nina get out too . Nina is blown to the max she throws her bag on the floor she sits on the floor next to a bush Jessica says " we have to hitch hike " hitch hike ? is she serious we can meet another creeper i say " no are you crazy !! " " come on how are we going to get out of her we seriously don't know our way around" i go and sit next to Nina but she moves to her left . Its really upsetting me how mad she is at me , I didn't mean to do anything bad , we are just having bad luck " Fine if you guys don't want to hitch hike i will , " Jessica says she starts walking down the empty road , i get up quickly and follow her i hear Nina coming after me . We walk and walk until we reach a road i decided to sit down,  Nina sits next to me. Jessica keeps on putting her thumb out , i hope someone stops quick because i just feel horrible


I hate hitch hiking I feel like a ho . I just want a normal person to stop and take me home i just want to go home and sleep in my comfy bed i kind of want to cry , like why out of all the people in the world what did we do to deserve this ? I feel a tear coming out , jazmine says " no one seems to stop for us " "they will soon don't worry" i say . we wait about 10 more minutes i get so freaking frustrated i just want to kick someone in the throat like why isn't anyone stopping ? when all of a sudden a big bus stops i admit i was so scared but i had to pretend like i wasn't i can hear Jazmine saying " we are going to get killed " i know we are i sense the vibe . I see a tall dirty blonde handsome guy walking out i immediately think Liam Payne , but no it cant be or could it ? " what are you doing here ?! " Liam says,  i feel butterfly's in my stomach i never seen such a beautiful handsome guy his eyes shine like diamonds it looks like a river of chocolate, i can hear jazmine whisper " omg its Liam Payne its Liam Payne" i say " well umm.. we kind of got kicked out of a taxi because we didn't want to pay him 627 pounds for no reason he just drove us here we asked to go to the Eiffel tower but no he had to take us in the middle of no where"  " Jessica calm down and breath " Nina says  " that's mad . what was the guy thinking leaving 3 beautiful girls outside do you guys want us to take you somewhere ? " Liam says " yeah i just want to go to the hotel i have had the worst day ever " i say I'm not really being nice, that should change? shouldn't it? i mean i just met Liam Payne the love of my life but I'm acting like he's just another person, he sees that i am so upset i look up because i see his feet walking towards me i feel his arms going around my neck it was the cutest hug a guy ever gave me he's so warm, soft, and he smells so good i hug him back without hesitating i want this moment to last forever i close my eyes so I can enjoy every second of it . Paul honks the horn of the bus Liam lets go slowly and says " come on before he get's mad at me " he gave me a big warm smile . I tell Nina and Jazmine to hurry up .. when liam hugged me i felt like i was in the clouds floating away i cant stop thinking about what just happened ... i hear Niall say " Hey why did you stop the bus!! you made my chicken fall" " these girls were stranded out there I'm pretty sure you would of saved them too," " wow you guys are so pretty where are you from ? " Niall says " I'm from France " i giggle " You know you aren't from there" Niall laughs " i know , haha I'm from Texas , " i say " I'm from Miami , " Jazmine says "I'm from Virginia " Nina says "oh well , you guys are so beautiful " Niall says i cant help but smiling from ear to ear I look over at Nina she turns red . I know she likes Niall , i need to get them together I'm determined ... 

I sit next to Niall and whisper in his ear " hey , you should talk to Nina she thinks you're cute " "really ?" Niall blushes "yes why would i lie? " "okay i will ," he walks over to Nina trying to be cool i notice that he's really nervous his legs are shaking , he says " Can i sit with you? " Nina looks up and says " umm umm yy..ee.ss yes " she finally gets the yes out haha how cute . " hey ," i hear someone say they interrupted my stalking mode . i see that is Liam " hey " i give him a big fake smile i would give him a real one but I'm really upset  " what's wrong? " "why do you think somethings wrong ?" I ask him " Because , your smile was clearly fake, "  I give him a tiny sad smile  " tell me what;s wrong I hate seeing girls like you sad ," Liam says I look up into his eyes and melt once again, "Well , i finally got the chance to come to the Uk and everything bad happens , i just want to go back home, "  I say with a pout  " don't say that , hey put a smile on your face babe , I'm going to make your trip the best I promise , " he points out his pinky I grab it with my tiny pinky his hand is so big and adorable I put my hand against his .. my hand only reached half of his , his hand was so warm and soft he tangles his fingers in between mine and he smiles " tell me more about you," he says " well, my name is Jessica i have a younger sister named Ashley and an older brother named Ethan they're the best I love them with all my heart, I also love my mom my dad is alright i guess.. our relationship isn't so good.." i say  " how come?"  " he doesn't understand me and he doesnt watch out for my feelings, "  my eyes start tearing up " I'll never do that to you" he whips the tears off my face and pulls me in for a hug " Smile love for me? i really love your smile," I smile not because im happy i smile for him and only for him . He pulls on my curl and says " i like your red hair you look like a princess," 


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