I wish

Michelle , Jazmine and Nina are three best friends since they were little, they always wished to go to the UK. When they get there something goes wrong , do they meet one direction ? do they find love ? what will happen next ?


1. Leaving


I'm on my bed packing my luggage my mom is helping, we are in complete silence... i can tell she has something on her mind, i hope the silence lasts  " Are you sure you want to go honey? " says my mom with concern, i knew this was going to happen sooner or later  " of course mom , I've been wanting to go since i was a little munchkin" i replied chuckling " That doesn't mean anything , you can still stay here ," " Mommy , I'm not a child anymore i am 17 ! You need to trust that i can take care of my self.. please ," " You'll always be my baby . I do trust you but i just don't want you to get hurt . you're leaving me for two months then you'll come back and leave again for college. I just want to spend time with you you're growing up to fast . " she starts to tear up i give her a  big warm hug i love her  with all my heart . i love her even more than my father, me and him never had a good relationship i don't like him that much. sometimes he puts me down by calling me names, he thinks its funny but it really hurts me. Sometimes i can go weeks without talking, looking or touching him I really don't care anymore about him ... i know it sounds harsh but if he died i would care a lot i do love him a lot but he does make me feel stupid, useless, retarded. i come out of my thoughts and say " mom don't worry i love you a lot, ill call you as soon as my feet touch the floor of the airport and ill call you every other day don't worry ill be fine its not like I'm going alone ill have Jazmine and Nina, and ill call you for any emergency." she smiles and says "okay baby," we finish packing mt bags and she calls my dad to bring it down i admittedly leave the room I'm mad at him and i wont be saying goodbye . "Don't forget to say bye to your sister Jessica ! " my mom says i say "okay," i go to the leaving room and see my duck I'm going to miss her LOTS . " I'm leaving duckling " i yell to her she says " when are you going to stop calling me that i am 10 years old Jessica ." " NEVER. you'll always be younger than me hahahaha " i give her a hug i never noticed shes about my height . " wow ducky when i come back you'll be my height "  i laugh  " And ill be tackling you" i jump on her and make her fall on the floor " well i can still tackle you so there is no problem " i smile " OWWW" she says laughing I hear honking it much be Nina & Jazmine i run out the door . my sister, mom , and dad , and brother follow me " Don't forget to say bye to me ! " i hear it was my brother Ethan, i run to him he picks me up he's really strong and tall and says "ima miss you asshole " he smiles i reply sarcastically  "couldn't you be any sweeter?" "No dummy" since he's 19 he thinks he can boss me around , i let him get away with it this time since i want to get out of there as soon as possible, i can see my dad looking at me from the corner of my eye. "Don't meet any guys ill beat them up" Ethan says i look at his Blue eyes and say "I wont. "i smirk , of course i was lying. " JESSICA WE'RE GOING TO MISS THE PLANE ! " Nina screams Thank god . i quickly hug my mom , and sister and i hit Ethan in the head so i run away before he chases me i jump in the car and tell Nina to drive .

" OMG that was the worst 30 minutes of my life , i love my mom but she worries too much she thinks I'm Ashley age ( Ashley is my sisters name ) and my dad is an asshole he knows i wasn't going to say bye to him but he still stares at me . how did it go with your parents ? " Nina says " same as yours " Nina and my family are exactly alike except she doesn't have a little sister . Jazmine says "same old " I say " at least you get along with everyone in your family." she says " i know," Nina says "girls girls don't be MAD OR SAD .come on we graduated a few days ago , were young , wild and free &  now were finally going to The UK . " i say " umm clothes , SHOPPING , more clothes BOYS ! did i mention boys? " Jazmine and Nina chuckle . " We're here " we run through security and wait to board our plane we see three little girls one with Long black straight hair, and dark brown eyes , with Yellow like skin  it's little Nina , the other girl has long hazel wavy hair and green eyes with tanish skin she looks like jazmine and finally there is a girl with red curly long hair Light brown eyes and a pale face its me the three little girls say best friends forever and hug . i look at Nina and Jazmine i know they're thinking the same .. i give them a hug and say i love you guys " through the speakers we hear flight 234 is now boarding we all make a slight scream were so happy . 


We hop into the plane I'm smiling like an idiot, i know i am . i feel my hands shaking finally finally after waiting for years they let us go to the UK i cant wait until we go to the top of the Eiffel tower and see little shrimp walking all over the place, it would be a first to me since I'm so short. I am about 5'1 Nina is 5'3 1/2 and Jessica is 5'5  lucky Jessica shes average height. I see her looking out the window shes fascinated by the clouds .. i call her name .. " Jessica " she didn't hear me so i start calling her name in different voices " JESSICA ,, jessicaaa jessicaaa! " she finally says " what? " i say " okay so when we get there we have to meet the tour group at 8:30 so wake up by 7 ." i told her that because she is the only one that can wake up at a certain time she nods her head . i can see shes upset ... by the way her reactions are everything is happening to her . i especially hate her dad he's really funny hes a good guy but he doesnt really care about her feelings . he's not fair to her .. i want my friend back she used to be so happy always smiling making fun of me goofing off acting like a ten year old making me laugh until i cry now shes like our mother . i know Nina has noticed it too, i hope Paris  changes her back . I'm  a little tired i look over to Nina shes dead asleep and i look at Jessica she's still quiet i decide to sleep . i wake up some hours later and we're still on the plane i look over to Jessica shes asleep. shes so calm when she sleeps she looks like an angel that's the girl i met years ago. she starts to move and open her eyes she says "how long have you been staring at me haha" i say " a couple of minutes" she laughs and says " you silly goose " "You know me the goose" i reply chuckling " how much time until we reach Paris?" " about three or four hours " i reply She smiles from ear to ear " you ready ? " she says " YES , ive been ready for years " i reply aggressively " i hope to find someone i really like " she changes the mood " i hope you do too i want you to be happy with someone " i reply "i want you to be happy too " she says smiling " of course you do , but you deserve it the most ... " i say " hahaha if i meet someone ima introduce you to there hot friends " she winks at me she failed haha shes the worst winker ever . i start laughing " stop stop stop you suck at winking " she says " i know haha at least i got a laugh out of you " she smiles i smile back and say " i'm glad you're coming back.. " it slipped out  i put my head in my hands im so stupid . " yeah i know . " she says seriously " i shouldn't of said anything " i say ashamed " no its all good,  you really should of said it faster. i know i haven't been the best friend lately... like i'm not here for you as often i'm always upset or.. never really have much fun anymore that needs to change ASAP . i mean we're going to college right? isn't that where fun begins ? " i look up and smile " yes it is " for the next 3 hours me and Jessica talk about everything .. our problems,  i really missed her .. now it can be like old times i see Jessica staring at Nina .. she reaches her hand to her and tickles her Nina admittedly shoots up like a ninja and starts laughing. " woah sleepy head don't hit me " Jessica says " you've been sleeping for the past 6 hours " i say Nina bulges her Asian eyes and says " how long ? " me and Jessica start laughing " when will we arrive ? " Nina asks Jessica says " like 2o mins or so " 


I slept through the hole plane trip... wow that's a new record . i look outside and see France i get so happy i tell Jessica to open the window more, we all cant stop smiling... my cheeks hurt when the plane starts landing my stomach drops to the floor and my ears won't stop popping ..torture When they open the plane i quickly jump out of my seat and get my carry on .. i wait for Jessica and Jazmine outside while i'm waiting i decided to call me mom " hey mom , i just arrived in France its so pretty .. i'm just calling you to say i'm safe she says okay honey have fun your dad wants to say something to you she passes the phone to my dad i hang up. me and my dads relationship is like Jessica and her dad's i think that's one of the main reasons were  best friends .. we also have lots in common .. i met Jazmine a year after i met Jessica she introduced us and she is amazing i love her too i love them both and i never want to loose them . they come out after a few minutes .. Jessica says " wow you grasshopper how did you make it out of there so fast? we thought we lost you " i say " hahah no everyone was taking their sweet time i just wanted to get out , call your mom before she gets worried " she takes out her phone and calls " hey mommy , i'm here in France i'm alright and Jazmine and Nina are here too " me and Jazmine say " hello " she hangs up and says shall we go to the hotel ? " me and Jazmine leap behind her shes a really fast walker we get in a taxi and to the closest hotel . Jessica unpacks her close for tomorrow and goes to the bathroom to take a shower Jazmine and me just look out the window . Jazmine says " look well be there tomorrow " she points to the Eiffel tower i smile and say " yes, i'm kind of worried .. i feel like something bad is going to happen " jazmine face expression changes and she says " how come ? " i say " i'm not sure its just a feeling i have in my gut .. " jazmine says " don't worry i swear nothing bad is going to happen .." i hope not but i'm not going to keep doubting her so i say " okay " with a fake smile . i get a pillow and hit her head she looks at me with a scary glare 'oh shit what have i done' i say to my self jazmine hopes onto the bed and grabs a pillow we start a big pillow fight and we jump on the bed were laughing and laughing finally i fell to the ground and stayed still. jazmine says laughing " are you okay ? " i says " yes i'm just going to stay down here for a while " i hear jessica get out of the bathroom she looks at us and says " what happened ?" Me and jazmine harass her and hit her with a pillow we all start having a pillow fight it was the best . After a while we watch TV we get a bit hungry so we call for room service .. we eat spaghetti with pizza and ice cream its very funny because all three of us have the biggest appetite 

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