7. Chapter 7

Zayn's POV-

"Its me what?" I questioned a bit confused as she snuggled back into my chest.

"Its always been you. You have been by my side all this time. How could I have no noticed?" she asked as she looked up to me.

"You were caught all up in Harry's curls." I said as we both started to laugh. Just then my phone buzzed signaling that I had a new tweet, from Harry.

-*We are done Sammi*- was all it said.

"So thats the new style now? Breaking up with people over twitter?" I asked myself.

"Wait what?" Sammi questioned clearly confused, so I showed her the tweet and watched the tears start to fall.

"Im done." she said as she stood up and walked into the bathroom closing the door before I could even have a chance to get up. I ran over to the door and started pounding on it calling her name over and over again, but no reply at all just the sounds of her crying and saying 'im done'.


Sammi's POV-

Everytime there was a pound at the door all I said was 'im done' and took the razor to my thigh over and over again. The pain just replaces the pain im going through with a different type of pain making me forget what just happened with Harry.

My phone suddenly beeped signaling that I had a text.

-*please let me in*- it read, I then unlocked the door as Zayn walked inside and craddled me in his arms. The last thing I remember was reading my thigh 'IM DONE'.

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