3. Chapter 3

Apparently I fell asleep, because I woke up to someone craddling me...I slowly opened my eyes to see Zayn.

"Ello love." he chirpped.

"What time is it?" I asked in my raspy morning voice.

"It is 5:45am. Harry wants to see you." he responded.

"Who, the guy who tried to take control of me? No thanks." I replied, just as the door opened and appeared Harry.

"I wont take control of you...yet," Harry began "We are going to be playing a game of truth or dare." he finished.

"I love that game!" I claimed, maybe he wasnt all that bad. We got into a circle and began playing. 

"Sammi truth or dare?" Harry asked me.

"Dare!" I replied.

"I dare you to kiss me." he dared with a smirk. I leaned in and kissed him, I falled on top of him as we continued kissing...he was like a drug and I just became addicted. Zayn already gave up on the game like 3 hours ago, then went home.

"Harry?" I asked between kisses.

"Ya?" he asked.

"I think im in love with you." I responded.

"Same with me." he replied.

Why do I have to fall in love with my kidnapper? Why me?

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