2. Chapter 2

I woke up in a room with dimmed lights...what the hell?! I shuffled around in the bed feeling a body next to me...shit just got creepy!

"What the hell?!" I screeched.

"I see your awake now." the guy said...great so im in a bed with a guy how do I explain this to her? 'Oh I was just walking home and this one guy wanted to do naughty things to me.' hell no she wouldnt believe that.

"Who the hell are you?" I asked, as I squinted trying to see who he was.

"I am...Zayn." he responded with a smirk. You know so many girls would die to be in this position but nope not me. I would rather kill that girl and allow her to be in this position.

"Oh...why am I here?" I asked.

"Well, we saw that you were alone so you know...why not have some fun?" he replied.

"Listen I know other girls would die to be in this position, but I have to get back home." I said as I was about to stand up, but he pulled me back.

"Your not going anywhere." he whispered in my ear.

"Fine, I will just piss on the bed." I replied, soon enough I was rushed into the bathroom by Zayn as he turned around facing the door.

"I dont hear peeing." he said.

"You expect me to pee while your facing the door?" I questioned.

"I could face this." he said as he turned around while I pulled my pants down.

"Never mind turn around please." I replied as a blush crept on my face and he turned around while I enjoyed my piss. Ah the joy of pissing.

"Im done." I said as I pulled my pants up and flushed as I washed my hands.

"Ok, you get to meet your other kidnapper..." he replied with a devious smile.

"You better not try anything." I mumbled, as we walked out of the bathroom...walking right into a guy with curly hair...Harry Styles.

"Did you do naughty things to her?" Harry asked Zayn with a smirk.

"If you guys touch me, you will wish you were in hell." I threatened.

"Oooooooh fiesty just the way I like it." Harry said as he pinned me up against the wall and started to kiss all over me. I kneed him in his thing as I made an escape from him, making my way to a room as I locked it and slid down the door. That question remained in my head...why me?!

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