1. Chapter 1

That was the best day of school eva! Im so used to being the 'good girl' but not no more, you see my stupid Home Ec. teacher called me out for not completing the damn assignment and I was all like 'bitch please. im not your damn slave so you can just go to hell.' I didnt exactly say that but it was similar to what I actually did say. Anyway I got an out of school suspension, for 3 mum was on a business trip with a worker of her's...I think his name is...Robin or something like that, which meant I had to walk home. Whoop-dee-do.

"Get her!" I heard someone whisper, I turned my head to find 2 guys with duct tape and ropes. Oh shit. 

Anyway about myself... my name is Samantha but I prefer Sam or Sammi better, I am 17, and an only child (thank gosh!) haha. I am obsessed with One Direction, my favorite colours are red, orange, green, blue, and purple... I love to write and read about One Direction *suprise suprise*...and thats pretty much it.

I was suddenly blacked out after hearing someone say 'We are going to do naughty things to her Harry...' yes the Harry Styles from One Direction Harry, but one question remained in my head...why me?

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