Finding Love in London

Lilly and Haley are best friends FOREVER. They even have their own language, sign language. Lilly's deaf, and Haley is the only one who stood up for her when they were in school and every one made fun of her. For Haley's 18th birthday, Lilly gets her FRONT ROW One Direction tickets. Haley insists Lilly goes with her, even though Lilly protests, syaing, "Go with someone who can actually hear them!" Haley says she'll sign the lyrics to Lilly, and Lilly gives up and comes.
When they're leaving through an alley and the door opens and bumps into Haley, revealing One Direction and one falls for Haley and another falls for Lilly, will they have a happy ever after, or will all the hate destroy them inside?


19. Truth or Dare

The next day I went to my grandparent's house to visit my younger siblings. As soon as I walked through the door, Hannah jumped on me. "Haley!" She cried.
"How are mum and dad?" Alex asked.
"Tell us!" Tommy begged.
"You didn't...tell them?" I asked Gram.
"Well, we thought it would be best for you to tell them."
"Tell us WHAT?" Hannah begged.
"Guys," I said, sitting down. "Mum and Dad are," I couldn't bring myself to say 'dead.' "They're in a better place now, ok? They're not here anymore. Gran and Gramps are your new parents, guys," I said slowly.
Alex started to cry, and Tommy punched his lego man, causing it's head to snap off.
As for Hannah, she sat on my lap and looked up at me. "Who's your new mommy and daddy?" She asked.
I sighed. "I'm not going to have one."
"But who will take care of you?"
"Harry will."
"Oh, ok. I like him."
I spent the rest of the day there, with them. I left in tears.
The next day, I dressed myself in a top that hung over one shoulder, exposing my bra strap and a teeny-eeny bit of my bra. I put on black skinny jeans, chucks, and I slapped my hair up in a messy bun for the finishing touch.
All the lads and their girlfriends were getting together for a night out. We would be playing truth or dare, watching a film, eating pizza, and playing spin the bottle. Louis knew a good way to play it so you're only kissing your boy/girl.
Speaking of Louis, I arrived at his house right on time. After me came Niall and Carrie, and Zayn and Lilly.
Right off we started with truth or dare.
After a couple dares, a couple truths, and a few more dares, it was Louis's turn.
 "Harry!" Louis cried. "Truth or dare?"
What is it with him and this game?!
"Uhhh truth."
Louis smirked. "Is Haley a virgin anymore?"
Harry looked at me, and I nodded.
Everyone started ooing and ahing.
"C'mon Hazza, ask someone," Eleanor urged.
He looked to me. "Haley, Truth or Dare?"
He thought for a moment, then leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Tell them you're pregnant."
I gulped. "You're kidding me."
"They'll find out anyway!" Harry whispered.
I sighed. "Alright."
"What's your dare?!" Dani asked.
"I have to tell you that I'm...that I'm..."
"That you're what?!" Niall shouted.
"Pregnant." I whispered and put my head in my hands.
Everyone cheered. "Congrats, Hale," Eleanor said. Everyone else gave me their congratulations, and I was able to breathe again. 
"Let's order pizza, guys," Liam said. "Then we can play Spin the Bottle."
20 minutes later, after everyone had eaten pizza and downed a couple beers or so that were hidden in Louis's fridge, we began spin the bottle.
Here's Lou's version of spin the bottle:
When the bottle lands on a couple, the person who spins the bottle tells them how long they have to kiss and how intense and how much clothing you're wearing while kissing. Normally it ends up with everyone snogging each other's face off, really intensely on the couches in bras and underwear.
What fun!
"I wanna spin the bottle first," Louis said.
Please don't land on me or Harry, please don't land on me or Harry, I thought silently. Louis once dared some couple to kiss for an hour, intensely and sexy in nothing.
Hallelujah, it landed on Niall and Carrie. "You must both be shirtless and kiss for an hour and a half," Louis said. "Intense baby!"
Niall rolled his eyes and took Carrie's hand and led her to the couch as Louis set one of the five timers.
Liam and Dani slid into their place and Liam spun the bottle. It landed on me. "Umm...kiss for five minutes romantically all clothes," Liam said. Everyone groaned at him, but me. Louis sighed setting our timer, and we kissed.
When we got back to the game, Liam and Danielle had to kiss pretty intensely for 45 minutes, no pants, dared by Zayn. Now Eleanor was daring them.
"I dare you to.... Kiss for an hour, as intensely as you can, no shirts," she said.
Louis smirked. "I'll dare you guys, then you with me and Eleanor before you begin."
"As intensely as possible, in nothing but underwear, and no Haley, no bra, for an hour."
"I hate you," I said as Harry led me to an unoccupied couch. From the couch Harry said, "Hour for you two, intensely and really sexy."
Louis shrugged and led Eleanor to the last couch after setting the timers.
Harry slid off my shorts and top, and I did the same to him. Then he pulled off my bra, and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth.
An hour later, no matter how many clothes you had to have on, everyone was in underwear, and bras for the girls, except me. I pulled mine on as Louis popped in a film, and snuggled into Harry, falling fast asleep.


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