Finding Love in London

Lilly and Haley are best friends FOREVER. They even have their own language, sign language. Lilly's deaf, and Haley is the only one who stood up for her when they were in school and every one made fun of her. For Haley's 18th birthday, Lilly gets her FRONT ROW One Direction tickets. Haley insists Lilly goes with her, even though Lilly protests, syaing, "Go with someone who can actually hear them!" Haley says she'll sign the lyrics to Lilly, and Lilly gives up and comes.
When they're leaving through an alley and the door opens and bumps into Haley, revealing One Direction and one falls for Haley and another falls for Lilly, will they have a happy ever after, or will all the hate destroy them inside?


2. The Concert


I wish Haley would have picked someone who could actually hear them, but oh well.
When the day of the concert finally came, we hopped into Haley's sea-blue convertible that matched her eyes. Haley's a beautiful sight with her wavy, long, dark brown hair, sea blue eyes, and rosy complexion. I'm plain, I have light brown, straight, down to my stomach length hair and chocolate brown eyes.
Anyway, soon we were on our way with Haley driving.
How long do you think the ride will take? I signed.
She signed back, two hours?
Before long Haley had the radio cranked up and was singing.


As I turned onto the highway, Die Young by Ke$ha came on.
"I here your hea-eart beat to the beat of the drums, oh what a shame that you came here with someone," I sang.
When we finally get to the concert, we had show our tickets, blah blah blah. I made my way to our seats, Lilly trailing behind me.
The concert took FOREVER to start! When it finally did, I signed the lyrics for Lilly. Harry caught me and looked at me. Then I saw Zayn looking at Lilly. Holy cow! I think my dream is coming true.
When they sang One Thing, sure enough when they sang, "Cause I'm dying just to know your name," Harry looked deep into my eyes, and Zayn did the same to Lilly.
Unfortunately, the concert ended and we left. We had to walk through an alley because when we got here the parking lot was full, and so we had to walk through the alley to get to the concert.
Right as we passed a door and it opened, knocking me onto the ground. Lilly helped me up, but she didn't even look at me! But then again, she had a pretty good reason: she was staring at the five pairs of eyes staring back at us.
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