Finding Love in London

Lilly and Haley are best friends FOREVER. They even have their own language, sign language. Lilly's deaf, and Haley is the only one who stood up for her when they were in school and every one made fun of her. For Haley's 18th birthday, Lilly gets her FRONT ROW One Direction tickets. Haley insists Lilly goes with her, even though Lilly protests, syaing, "Go with someone who can actually hear them!" Haley says she'll sign the lyrics to Lilly, and Lilly gives up and comes.
When they're leaving through an alley and the door opens and bumps into Haley, revealing One Direction and one falls for Haley and another falls for Lilly, will they have a happy ever after, or will all the hate destroy them inside?


7. Say What?

Tomorrow we went to the concert. The I stayed back stage and flipped through magazines on a table. Once a person came and put a brand-new People Magazine on the table. I picked t up and looked at it. My eyes popped at seeing the front cover. I was in the middle of dunking Harry, a big smile on both our faces on half and Lilly and Zayn holding hands in the other half. The title said, Harry Styles found a girl? Zayn Malik too...what's going on? The couples, including the rest of the lads from the band and their girlfriends, were spotted at the Plaza Hotel. Later, they were found clowning around in the pool, playing some sort of dunking game.
I flipped to the page and read the article, accompanied by SEVERAL pictures.
'Clowning Around With One Direction' was the title.
As I read, the urge to laugh was bigger and bigger.
'The hottest boy band nowadays, One Direction, about to release a new album, is on the Up All Night Tour here in America. Harry Styles, 18, and Zayn Malik, 19, don't have girlfriends, or rather, didn't. In the picture (right), the dark haired girl was called Haley by Harry, who snuck in a couple kisses underwater (the picture was one of me caught in mid-laugh). The light haired girl (left) was called Lilly, possibly deaf (in the picture Lilly was holding hands with Zayn at the edge of the pool). Haley was seen signing things to Lilly, who signed right back.
Then there's Eleanor and Danielle, Louis and Liam's girlfriends (there was a picture of the four of them sitting on the edge of the pool). They seemed to like Haley and Lilly, who were very bubbly and happy.
During the dunking game, Haley won. But Styles called a re-match and Haley's "last request" as she put it was a kiss. Styles pulled away suddenly and dunked her. She popped up, saying, "And how you go out with style in Haley Land!"
The lads and the girls spent the rest of the day messing around in the pool and just having fun, with a couple sneaked kisses of course. On next page are pictures of events.'
I turned the page to see Harry kissing me on the cheek, me dunking Harry, Lilly dunking Zayn, Zayn dunking Lilly, and a whole lot more photos.
When the concert was finally over, I said, "Harry! I'm already famous!"
Harry said, "What?"
I said, "I already made the cover of People Magazine, and Lilly did too!"
I shoved the magazine in his face. He read the cover, looked at me and said, "Say what now?"
I laughed and said, "You can read it once you change, ok?"
Harry nodded and ran to his dressing room.
When he was done he grabbed it from my hands and read. When he was done he said, "I didn't know they make articles that fast!"
I said, "They don't. But this was a special case."
Harry laughed. "I suppose," he said. After everyone else had read it we left.
I had just flopped down on my bed when I got a call from the office. They said someone wanted to see me and Lilly.
When I got there, about a thousand cameras were waiting for me and Lilly.
"Hello, Haley, could I have a quick interview?" a reporter asked.
"Um, sure, I guess?"
"Great! Why don't we go up to your room?"
I nodded. We walked up, and before the cameras could see, I stashed Hazza Bear underneath my bed.
"So, Haley, how long have you and Harry been dating?"
I thought hard. "About five days. Lilly's the same with Zayn."
Lilly blushed.
"Really? Lilly, you're blushing. Why?"
"Oh, um, well, I've never really thought of us as dating. More like...girlfriend and boyfriend. We haven't really gone out, so..."
"Really? Hmm. Is it true you're deaf?"
Lilly nodded. "Yep. But I can read lips so it's almost like I can hear, just my voice sounds a little different."
The reporter nodded. "Yes. Well, so how was your guys's day at the pool?"
My eyes lit up. "Oh, it was wonderful! We had SO much fun!"
The reporter laughed. "Is Haley Land something you say quite often?"
"No, I just thought it'd be funny."
The reporter laughed again. "Ah. So Lilly, what do you think about Haley and Harry's relationship?"
"What do I think?"
The reporter nodded.
"That they're in love and they don't know it."
"That they're in love and they don't know it," the reporter repeated. "Interesting. And Haley? Lilly and Zayn's relationship?"
"Thank you, now, I'd better be off. Thanks gals!"
I looked at Lilly. "Gals?"
Lilly shrugged. "Must be an American thing."
I laughed and said, "You're right."
Just then someone knocked. Lilly opened the door to reveal Zayn.
"Hey, we want to go out to dinner tonight, and we're going someplace really fancy so dress up!"
I shuddered. "Lilly? A little help? I can never dress up," I muttered the last part to myself. Lilly knows, so I didn't have to exaggerate my mouth movement for her to read my lips.
Lilly nodded. "Gimme a sec," she said. Lilly was wearing a sky-blue elegant strapless dress that had a white rosette at the waist. It came down to the floor. She was wearing white heels. Her hair was curled and she was wearing dangly earrings.
I whistled. "Where'd you get that?"
She shrugged. "I had to go to a lot of dinners for my dad's company so my mom would buy me a dress like this every once in a while."
I nodded. "I only have like two dresses like that and I packed both."
Lilly eyes them, which I had laid on the bed. One was a light yellow with one sleeve and a dark blue band at the waist. The other was sea-blue and matched my eyes. The skirt was pulled together at the side and the ruffles it made went all down the side. It was sleeveless, and the top was shaped like the top half of a heart.
"The blue one, with your special necklace and well, your only heels."
My mom had insisted that I wear heels to my senior prom. She had bought me silver ones. They weren't very tall, only an inch or so. My special necklace was my great-grandmothers, and she'd given it to me before she died. It was a heart, and I loved it.
I got changed. Lilly caught her breath and said, " let me do your hair!"
"Ok, ok, ok!" Lilly led me to the bathroom where she stood me in front of the mirror. She tapped my nose and said, "You, miss, are going to look ADORABLE with this small amount of freckles once I am done!"
I said, "Really?"
She gave me a look, like, really? Really? "Of cause you are!" She said aloud, which made me jump.
When she was done, I have to admit, it did look a little cute. She had taken my hair and separated it into small sections and curled each one. Then she had pulled it to one side, leaving one section on the side of my face, and put it into a bun. The little piece was still on the side, and it looked cute.
We went to the elevator, where Harry and Louis had been waiting. They were wearing tuxedoes. Harry caught his breath when he saw me.
"Wow," was all he could say. "Wow, just - wow."
I blushed. He was speechless! I signed to Lilly, THANK YOU. You are AWESOME!
She signed back I know.
Just then Zayn came to wait for the others and HE caught HIS breath. "You look...amazing..." was all he could say!
Lilly blushed. Then the others came and we left. We went to a restaurant. I can't recall the name.
It was huge! It had a glass dome at the top of the roof, a water fountain in the lobby, and plants and elegant things were everywhere!
The waitress came and we ordered our drinks. Since they were "fancy" they didn't have soda. Grrr...oh well. I just ordered water, as did a lot of us. It was rather boring, and so as soon as we were done with our meals we were out of there!
When we got home, I undid my hair but it was still in little ringlets. I put on a t-shirt and pajama shorts as did Lilly, and we headed over to Harry, Zayn, and Louis's room to watch a movie. Louis had gone over to watch a movie with Eleanor and Liam and Danielle, and Niall was meeting up with the girl on the plane.
"So," Harry said. "What movie shall we watch?"
"Disney!" Lilly shouted.
I agreed, and Harry scrolled through the movies. "Oh, Bolt!" I said.
Harry laughed and said, "Ok. Bolt it is."
We snuggled up on their beds and watched. It got to the part where Bolt sees Penny with another dog and I started to tear up. I'm so hopelessly emotional, I'll either cry or laugh at anything.
Harry noticed and said, "Sad, love?"
I blushed deep red and tried to stop, but that's the thing. I didn't cry, but I got a little glossy-eyed and couldn't stop it. Then where they're in the fire and they look about to die, I do it AGAIN!
Harry laughs and says, "There's another little thing," and holds me closer. I blush again and try again, but to no avail, to stop.
The movie's over and I'm asleep. Harry says, "Haley, your strawberry pancakes with whipped-cream and syrup are ready."
"What? Where?" I ask.
Harry laughs and says, "Oh, Haley. The movie's over and it's time for you to go to your room."
I groan and get up. Both Zayn and Lilly are asleep and I laugh. Oh, how cute they are.
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