Finding Love in London

Lilly and Haley are best friends FOREVER. They even have their own language, sign language. Lilly's deaf, and Haley is the only one who stood up for her when they were in school and every one made fun of her. For Haley's 18th birthday, Lilly gets her FRONT ROW One Direction tickets. Haley insists Lilly goes with her, even though Lilly protests, syaing, "Go with someone who can actually hear them!" Haley says she'll sign the lyrics to Lilly, and Lilly gives up and comes.
When they're leaving through an alley and the door opens and bumps into Haley, revealing One Direction and one falls for Haley and another falls for Lilly, will they have a happy ever after, or will all the hate destroy them inside?


8. Hate

I woke up and since it was only about 7:15 I got on my phone and checked my mentions in twitter. HOLY COW! I've gained like a 1,000 followers in like a day! Then I saw something that made me cry.

@hotchic1D4eva: to @haley995 you shouldn't be dating Harry, you don't look right together.

That one, not so much, but the NEXT one,

@0708gorgeous: to @haley995 Why did Harry pick you? You're not even pretty and you shouldn't be alive!

Then there were some worse ones, ones that I'd rather not read. I started to cry. I didn't do anything but get banged into a door by them and then Harry picked me! (Of ALL people???)
I decided to check Lilly's page and see what others were saying, and it wasn't so good. I tried to think that they're just jealous, but words hurt. I just kept crying.
Finally Lilly woke up and she asked me, "What's wrong, Haley"
For an answer I handed her my phone and showed her my mentions. Her eyes got bidder and bigger. Then she reached for hers and checked her mentions and let the tears flow also.
Then I saw one that made me want to smile, cry happy tears, and laugh and be happy again.

@rosy.34: to @haley995 I think ur beautiful and u shouldn't let all the hate get to u. they r just jealous

I tweeted back:

@haley995: to @rosy.34 thanks for making my day. You made it a whole lot better

Then I followed her.
Lilly even found a good one for her:

@JJKK356: to @lilly.pad713 Don't let the hate get 2 U. U r pretty and right 4 Zayn as is Haley and Harry. The peeps r just jealous and not fans like they say they r.

Lilly and I both followed her and Lilly tweeted back:

@lilly.pad713: to @JJKK356 thanks so much! You are the bestest and thank you 4 making ma day:)

Just then Harry and Zayn knocked. "Can we come in?" Harry said.
"Or are you getting dressed?" Zayn said.
"You can come in," I said.


As soon as Harry and Zayn saw me and Haley they said simultaneously, "You've been crying. What's the matter?"
Haley cursed and went to the bathroom to see how obvious it was. But it WASN'T obvious!
She came back with her hand on her hip and stared at Harry. "How'd you know?"
"I know you."
Haley nodded, like, I should've known.
I asked Zayn, "How'd YOU know?"
He said, "I've memorized what you look like when you're NOT sad by staring at you."
He's been staring at me? I'm oblivious. I blushed. I blush EASILY. Haley on the the other hand, DOES NOT. It's plain proof she's in love. She's blushing right now. She's been blushing since Harry said he knows her, actually. A nice shade of red...hmmmm...
Anyway, Zayn was saying, "So do we want to get dressed, eat and then pack, or get dressed pack, and then eat?"
Haley and I, who have Nialler appetites, said in unison, "Get dressed, eat, then pack."
Harry said AGAIN, "There's another little thing, a Nialler appetite."
I again still didn't get it, and Haley again blushed when he said that.
"Whatever," she said. "Anyway, shoo! We need to get dressed."
Harry and Zayn walked out and we got dressed. I was wearing blue skinny jeans with Toms and a lime-green t-shirt that said, "Wings Take You High, And You'll Always Have a Wing When You Have A Good Friend."
Haley was wearing black skinny jeans, chucks (like always), and a aqua-blue shirt with "Believe" on it.
We walked downstairs and saw Louis, Danielle, Harry, and Zayn waiting. The others weren't ready yet. It got so that we were only waiting for Niall. Finally I said, "I can't take it! I'm hungry! I'm going," and I walked into the dining room. Then I saw Niall pigging out.
"Hey guys! Where ya been?" He asked, completely poker-faced.
I rolled my eyes. "We thought you were still getting ready! So we were waiting."
He laughed. "I was the first one ready and I needed food!"
I laughed and got a plate so I could go for the buffet.
The others came and got plates and food, and we all ate breakfast together.
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