Finding Love in London

Lilly and Haley are best friends FOREVER. They even have their own language, sign language. Lilly's deaf, and Haley is the only one who stood up for her when they were in school and every one made fun of her. For Haley's 18th birthday, Lilly gets her FRONT ROW One Direction tickets. Haley insists Lilly goes with her, even though Lilly protests, syaing, "Go with someone who can actually hear them!" Haley says she'll sign the lyrics to Lilly, and Lilly gives up and comes.
When they're leaving through an alley and the door opens and bumps into Haley, revealing One Direction and one falls for Haley and another falls for Lilly, will they have a happy ever after, or will all the hate destroy them inside?


17. Clubbing Baby

I woke up in a daze, my body entwined with Harry's. I rose slowly. Our bed was a tangled mess of the sheets, comforter, and our naked bodies.
Oh my god, did that really just happen?
Then Harry woke up from the movement of my body and smiled at me. I couldn't help thinking how beautiful his eyes were.
"You actually did it, Haley," Harry said.
My head started to pound from all of the alcohol yesterday. "Oww, does your head always hurt like this?"
"Yeah," he said.
"I wanna go to another club again," I said, surprising both him and myself.
"Does it matter what kind of club?"
"I don't know."
"Ok," he said, resting his head on the pillow.
Just then the doorbell rang.
"Harry?" I said. 
He groaned and got up, pulling pants on.
I slipped into sweat pants and a tank top.
"I hope you know you won't be staying in that," Harry said. "You got dared to let me choose your clothes."
I groaned. "Just go answer the door!" I slipped off the clothes and climbed into the bed, naked.
My head was really hurting now. Why did I have to get drunk.
Harry walked to the door and opened it. "Hello?"
"Pizza?" A guy's voice said. 
"We didn't order any pizza..."
"Some guy called and said for the pizza to be delivered to Room 237. There was a girl giggling in the back round. Suddenly, as Harry opened the door wider and the pizza guy saw me covered by the covers, realization crept over his face.
"You guys were sleeping, weren't you..." He said. "Some friend of yours must've played a prank on you... Well, I still need the money." 
"Thanks, though," Harry said as he took the pizza. "Stay here," he told me.
"Where are you going?" I asked, tilting my head to look up at him.
"I think I have a pretty good idea as to who played the prank," Harry said, stepping out into the hall, still shirtless.
While he was gone I started thinking. What if I got pregnant? Would Harry stay with me? I wonder if I will. Am I ready for a child? I am 18... But I don't think I'm ready. Maybe my parents will take me in. Uhhhhhhh.... My HEAD!
Just then Harry came back in. "I was right. It was Louis."
"But how would he had known it we were sleeping?" I said.
"Ask him yourself," he turned and behind him stood Louis.
"Well..." He said.
"Oh, come on! Spit it out!" I said. 
"Alright! I went into Zayn and Harry's room to borrow Zayn's razor, mine had broken. I think I interrupted them..." Louis said with a smirk. 
I felt sick.
"Anyway, while in there... I might've... Heard you..." He said.
I rolled my eyes. "We weren't THAT loud!"
"Um...yeah...sure," Louis said sarcastically.
I would've gotten up and smacked him just then, but I was still naked. 
"Just get out," Harry said.
"Alright. I'll leave you two...alone...with Haley naked," Louis said before shutting the door.
As I sat up, letting the covers fall, Harry said, "I'm going to KILL that guy!"
"Whatever," I said. "While I get in the shower won't you pick out my clothes?" I said.
"Does this mean I get to go through your bras and underwear?!" Harry asked, excited.
"Ugh, sure. Whatever." I said. I just hope Harry doesn't find my black lace push-up bra with matching thong. Knowing him, he probably will. Curse Lilly for daring me to buy it, then daring me to bring it on the trip.
I headed for the shower, right as Harry opened my suitcase and began rummaging through.
When I got out of the shower, Harry wasn't in the room but my clothes were on the bed.
I sighed with relief. It was jean shorts, underwear, a fabric kind of vest that you button in only up to a little past your belly button, and a strapless bra with a flowery print that's twisted in the middle. On the floor he had my high tops and ankle socks. It was actually one of my favorite shirts, more or less. I slipped on the underwear and shorts, then struggled to fasten on the bra just as Harry walked in.
He chuckled. "Need a little help, love?"
I blushed. "Yeah... Where were you?" I asked as he gently fastened the bra with loving care. Every time his hand softly brushed against my back a tingle went up my spine.
"I was in my room, getting some clothes."
"You should just bring your stuff into my room," I said. "And Lilly can take her stuff to Zayn's room."
Harry finished with the bra and turned me around and tilted up my chin so I was looking at him. 
"I'd like that," he said softly, looking at my lips and biting his. 
He placed his hands on my hips and gently tugged me forward using the belt loops on my pants. He was driving me nuts! Just kiss me already!
After looking at my lips once last time, he finally leaned in. I placed my hands around my neck and lost myself. He placed one hand on the top of my head, the other still entwined with a belt loop. Remember our deep, passionate kiss? This was even more passionate, more deep, more...vulnerable. He really loved me. He was my perfect match.
Harry slowly moved towards the bed, bringing me with him. We fell into the bed, and he kissed me even softer, if it was possible, not rougher. 
He removed his hand from my head and placed it on my jeans again, tugging them down in the back a bit so they finally covered the bottom of my butt, but now my whole top half was showing, as the shorts had brought the underwear down with it.
He brought one hand to my face and caressed it, he was starting to turn me on a bit. This guy knows how to treat a girl.
I placed one hand in his hair, which quickly became tangled in his curly hair.
Harry, sadly, broke apart the kiss and only then did I notice I was out of breath.
"Do you...want to go rougher?" Harry asked hesitantly, or was he out of breath too?
"Uh...." Hmmm.... Rougher? Or not?
Thankfully I didn't have to make a decision because just then the connecting door from my room to Zayn's room swung open and Lilly, in her outfit from last night walked in.
Harry stood up quickly and I pulled my shorts up and slipped the over shirt on.
Yes, incase you've forgotten, Harry kissed me when I was in jeans, underwear, and a strapless bra.
"Hey, Lilly." I said, getting in front of her so she could read my lips.
"Hi, Haley," she said calmly.
OMG! I'm not a virgin anymore! She signed to me.
Me neither, I signed.
Lilly gasped. OMG how was it?!
Pretty good, both rough and soft, I signed.
"Uh, I am still here, guys," Harry said.
"Sorry," I said. "Lilly, do you just want to stay with Zayn from now on?"
"Sure. I'll go tell him."
Lilly left the room with her suitcase. Harry went to go grab his and when he came back he said, "So...tonight another club, then?"
I nodded. "Sure."
Harry got a gleam in his eye as he said, "Alright. I'll text the lads about the plan for after the concert."
"Ok. Should I be scared?"
"Oh. Ok," I said as I started packing up my stuff. Our flight leaves at 3:30 in the morning and the concert ends at 9. I guess Paul'll pick us up at 2 at the club, then. I wanted my suitcase to be completely ready for when we get back.
Harry got on his phone and started texting.
The day flew by quickly until the concert, when we got into the limo and drove off.
After the concert, all the lads and I piled into the limo and Harry's hot, sweaty body held me.
We pulled into the driveway of a club, and I was excited until I saw the title: Florida Strip Club (18 years or older).
"Harry! This is a strip club!" I screamed at him.
"You didn't know, Haley?" Lilly said, having read my lips.
"Haley, calm down! I'll never leave your side, ok?" Harry said.
"Oh, like that's reassuring," I said sarcastically.
"Guys!" Paul broke in. "It'll be fine. But all of you, especially you, Styles, Malik, don't get any ideas with your girls!"
I felt sick. I started breathing heavily. "Harry..." I said as he pulled my hand.
"Come on!" Zayn shouted.
Of course HE'S excited. He's done this before. All of them have! Harry wasn't even a virgin when I met him!
"C'mon, Haley, please?" Harry gave me the puppy dog eyes, and I melted.
"Fine. But don't you dare leave me!"
"I won't," Harry reassured me.
"Is this a stark naked club? Or can you wear bras and underwear?"
"Ummmm.... We'll find out when we get inside."
We found out that you could, indeed, wear bras and underwear, and all the girls and I chose that option. Harry whined and complained at me, but I didn't give in.
We got out there and the smell of all the naked, sweaty bodies hit me and I almost gagged, but everyone except for Lilly seemed right at home.
Harry and I headed straight for the dance floor along with the others. At first I was disgusted with everyone so close, everyone but Harry, that is. And many, many people were having sex. I almost barfed, it was so disgusting. A person came through with free shots and other alcoholic beverages. Harry grabbed five shots and chugged them down, and I reluctantly did the same. What if I got too drunk and my bra and underwear disappeared?
More men with free shots came through and I realized, before I became totally drunk, that they were trying to get everyone drunk. It was a show for them, the people who work here. They try to get you to have sex, so you're just a part of the show. They even were low enough to make people have sex with someone they didn't even know.
It's like, "Oh! Hi naked person! You're going to have sex with this naked person!"
Then I realized they were wheeling beds out onto the floor. They blasted music really loud and Harry and I started grinding to the beat, hard.
 Then someone shouted into a microphone: Everyone! Find someone who isn't stark naked and rip off their clothes!
I was so drunk and tipsy, and Lilly turned to me and yanked off my top, then my underwear, and I did the same to her. She poked my boob and giggled, then hiccuped. She giggled harder when Zayn came up from behind and ran his hands all over her.
I turned away from them to Harry. All of a sudden rough, hard hands pushed us onto a bed that was wheeled up behind us.
We were handed shots and when I raised my head to look around everyone was in a bed.
Harry looked at me. "Please let me be dirty with you," he begged.
I started to giggle when I saw how hard it was. "Ohhhhkkkaaayyy," I said, feeling tipsy.
Harry immediately kissed me, and not on the lips. He blew on the beginning of my thighs, sending chills up my spine. He began kissing my body all over. After that, he began to kiss me hard on the lips, so, very, ridiculously hard. His hands explored my body, giving me feels. I was about to melt. He inserted himself into me, and I moaned. "Harry, that hurts," I whined. He smiled and got rougher, and I yelled in pain, but it felt good at the same time. We started grinding and I decided to lose conscious, I'd rather not remember everything that happened, but I definitely remember being brought to an orgasm.
When Paul finally came to get us, he found drunk, sweaty, naked idiots. He lead us to the limo after collecting the girl's bras and underwear and sat in the shot gun seat.
I was the second one in the car, after Harry.  With Louis behind me, I basically stuck my naked behind in his face trying to get in the limo. Louis slapped my bum and said, "Hurry up!"
I turned around to glare at him. "Shut up!"
Louis then promptly pinched my bum, very close to my crack and said, "HURRY UP!" I rolled my eyes and climbed in the car and sat next to Harry, and Lilly later sat besides me.
Since our jet was a private jet this time, we didn't have to put on clothes, so we walked into the plane as we were. Sitting down, Harry ran his hands up and down my body as we fell asleep.
The next morning, I woke up, still naked with Harry's arms around me protectively on the plane. Why do I always wake up first?
All of a sudden my head got a piercing head ache and I groaned, causing Harry to wake up.
He leaned up and smiled at me, and said, "Last night was amazing."
"Speak for yourself," I groaned and got up to reach for my bag for my clothes.
"Just gimme the bag so I can choose your clothes," Harry said softly.
"Alright." I sat and looked out the window as he rummaged through the suitcase. Finally articles of clothing were placed in my lap and I looked at them.
It was a white, see-through, flowy top with large sleeves that came to my elbows, jean shorts, and...crud monkeys. The black bra and thong. Curse him.
I pulled on the clothes and Harry smiled with satisfaction and began to pull on his clothes.
I hate Louis for that dare.


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