Little Things

Niall Horan Fanfiction.
Everybody knows the song Little Things by One Direction, but have you ever looked at every single part of it? I will try to do this. I will try to write a short story to every line of it and Nialler is main figure. I hope you like it and that "it all makes sense to" you. C:


3. Number Two.

"And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks. - And it all makes sense to me."







"Niall" I said as I ran my fingers through his beautiful blond hair.


"Mh?" he replied with his incredibly attractive irish accent.


"What are we doing today?" I whispered while giving him a quick kiss on his soft cheek.      

For a moment there was silence, then he sat up and his blue eyes met mine. He seemed to be thinking about what to say now.


"Watch a movie?" he asked after a while and smiled at me. I nodded in agreement.      

He took a film and made it into the DVD player. I didn't even know what the movie was called and I didn't get what it was about. I was just too distracted by Niall.


My head was on his shoulder and he stroked repeatedly my cheek until it felt as if he drew something on it. I just let it happen, but after a while my freckles started to tickle.


"What are you doing, Nialler?" I asked, looking at him confused.


He smiled and kissed my cheek, and then my nose. He looked me in the eyes, until now he hadn't replied to my question, so I pushed even a faint "Huh?" afterwards.


He grinned again and muttered a "Nothing." I nodded and put my head back on his shoulder.      

As before, I felt his fingers on my cheek.  

After some time I got the feeling that he joined up the dots of my freckles. Mh, but this absolutely made no sense, right?




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