Little Things

Niall Horan Fanfiction.
Everybody knows the song Little Things by One Direction, but have you ever looked at every single part of it? I will try to do this. I will try to write a short story to every line of it and Nialler is main figure. I hope you like it and that "it all makes sense to" you. C:


2. Number One.

"Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me but bear this in mind it was meant to be."






We lay on the field behind my house and stared at the sky.

The clouds moved over and gave us a sense of infinity. But not just the clouds gave me that feeling, She also gave it to me. She completed me without even saying a word. I just had to be near her, to feel good.


Slowly I turned to the side and looked at her. First she didn't noticed it, but then a smile spread on her lips. Now she also turned on her side. "What is it?" she asked with her beautiful voice. I shrugged and slid a little closer to her.


Her eyes looked into mine, and she moved a little closer to me too.   I could feel her breath on my mouth, so close we were.


Slowly I took my hand up and stroked a strand from her face, then I let it slide down her cheek and then to her shoulder, down her arm, until I reached her hand.


I stopped and took her hand. It was just perfect. There was no room for anything else. Her hand perfectly fit in mine. I shook my head slightly.


"Are you okay?" she said now, and I looked away from our hands and looked into her eyes. "Our hands." was the only thing I could say.


"Yeah, what's wrong with them?"


"Nothing. I've only been thinking loudly." I said and she grinned and lightly pressed my fingers.


Maybe I should have tell her but this was one of the little things I loved about her and I wanted to keep them, just like little secrets.


What I really was thinking? That our hands perfectly fit into each other just like their were made for each other.




(A/N: Like it? Dislike it? Why? C: Please comment, noodles! ;*)

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