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This is for the CROSSOVER COMPETITION! Sorry, did that in capitals because I'm really excited for this competition, even if I don't win. After all, its the taking part that counts and I hope you enjoy my fan-fiction!(: Gonna have a fun time writing it. Anyway, this is set in Hogwarts and the Wizarding world surrounding it, but the characters from the Hunger Games come to Hogwarts also, along with some Capitol members that haven't been mentioned before, so I've made them up.

NOTE: I know some of the characters used in this fanfiction are dead ( *le cries* )in the actual books/films etc, but I've bought them to life again in this fanfiction okok I'm an experienced wizard.

Enjoy, PLEASE like and favourite and comment. It would really help me!:3


6. Clabberts and Elves

NOTE: The Clabbert is an idea of J.K Rowling mentioned in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I didn't make it up myself, the fabulous Joanne did:)

"D'ya think we should ask her what's she's up to?" asked Ron, as Hermione yet again turned up just in time for class, and out of breath.

"No, not yet. She probably won't tell us anyway." Harry replied, and Ron shrugged.

It was the last lesson of the day (Care of Magical Creatures) and it was going to be spent with the three Muggles, Peeta, Gale and Katniss. Hermione had only just got to each lesson on time today, and she always looked flushed but distinctly pleased with herself.

Harry had told Ron what he had seen last night as soon as he'd got back to the common room and they'd spent most of the night talking about what she could be up to, and the ideas kept getting more and more absurd. Ron even suggested that she was meeting Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest and that he wouldn't be surprised if she rolled up her sleeve to show off a Dark Mark. Harry had thought Ron was being serious, and thought he had gone mad before he burst out laughing and woke up Neville Longbottom.

"Alrigh' alrigh' settle down! Oh, where are the Slytherins?" Hagrid asked, looking a lot calmer and happier suddenly.

"They've gone to another lesson, Hagrid," said Hermione, "Because of what Gale did to Draco," (she said this with a slight menace in her voice) "The Slytherins don't really get along with him very well, so Dumbledore decided to separate them, for the time being."

When Hagrid opened his mouth, Hermione spoke again.

"Professor McGonagall told me."

"Oh alrigh'. Anyway, today we're gon' be learnin' about Clabberts!" And with that Hagrid opened the box and out jumped two of the oddest, creepiest creatures Harry had ever seen. He placed them on a small tree that hadn't been there yesterday, and they began to swing from branch to branch, baring razor sharp teeth at the class who looked horrified. They looked like a cross between a monkey and a frog, and had no hair but their skin was mottled green. They had long hands and feet which were also webbed, and short horns, but the oddest feature was a large spot on their foreheads. 

"Beau'iful aren' they?" Hagrid beamed. Nobody else seemed to think so, but he didn't notice and carried on talking. 

"Now, you three," he pointed at Gale, Peeta and Katniss, "You won' know abou' these, and I doub' any of  you wizards or witches will either-"

"That's what the elves were on about!" Hermione said suddenly, who's brow suddenly cleared after being furrowed for a long while as she stared at the Clabberts. 

Ron and Harry stared at her, bemused. What elves, what was she on about? What wasn't she telling them?

"You wha' Hermione? Wha' elves? Elves and Clabbert's don't get along, not many people know tha' by the way, so all you have learnt a little fact today..."

But Harry and Ron weren't listening. Hermione had gone bright red and was looking guiltily towards the Forbidden Forest, shuffling about on her feet.

"Anyway, can anyone tell me anythin' abou' Clabberts? Food and nutrition? Anyone know the name and job of this spot 'ere?" Hagrid said, looking around the Gryffindors, and the three Muggles.

No one spoke.

"Anythin'? Anyone? Ah, Hermione, off ya' go."

Hermione, although she kept looking at the Forbidden Forest every few seconds, was no longer red, and began to speak in the tone she used whenever she knew the answer to something, which was very often. Hermione was one of the cleverest girls in the year, and was forever doing Harry and Ron's homework for them, and even though she pretended to be annoyed about this, Harry had a feeling she quite enjoyed an extra workload. 

"Clabberts live in trees, and originate from the south of America but now live in many forests across the world. Their webbed feet allow them to swing from tree branches with good agility, and they feed on small lizards and birds. The proper word for that spot on their head is a pustule. It flashes scarlet when it senses danger."

"Brillian' Hermione!" Hagrid beamed. "If ya' had a Clabbert as a pet, which most people don', you'd probably be safe from most danger, or at least ya'd get a warnin' as to when danger's nearby. No danger nearby by the looks of it though, because as ya' can see, their pustule's are white."

They spent the rest of the lesson half hoping that danger would approach, so they could see the Clabbert's pustule turn red, but nothing happened. Slightly dissapointed, the Gryffindor's headed back up to the castle, happy at the prospect of two days of weekend, and a trip to Hogsmeade. Fred and George Weasley were telling Katniss, Peeta and Gale all about the terrific joke shop, Zonko's, and persuading them to visit it the moment they got to Hogsmeade, and were trying to get Harry and Ron to tell the 3 Muggles about how good it was. However, Ron and Harry weren't making their way back up to the castle with their house, but instead waiting for Hermione who seemed to be walking as slowly as possibly up the grass, and as soon as the door to Hagrid's hut had closed, she ran.

She ran straight into the Forbidden Forest and out of sight. Ron and Harry turned to look at each other, then Harry pulled the Invisibility Cloak out of his pocket, draped it over themselves and followed Hermione into the dense forest.

It was getting dark now and as they walked further into the forest, trying not to make too much noise, the trees got closer together until they could barely see where they were going for lack of light from the sky.

"Lumos," Harry and Ron muttered together, and walked, until they saw a figure crouched by a tall tree, and another small figure poking its head out of a small hole in the bark. They crept closer, not wanting to startle whoever it was, and as they got close enough they saw it was Hermione, talking to an elf they didn't recognise.

Ron's eyes widened. The hole in the tree was getting larger, so big that some Clabberts sitting in a tree, jumped and bared their teeth even wider. Hermione had taken the elves hand and before Ron and Harry could do anything, disappeared into the tree with a rustle of leaves. 

"How're we meant to get in with her?!" Ron exclaimed, as the hole in the tree shrunk back to its usual small size.

"I don't know, I don't know the spell to enlarge that gap!" Harry said, feeling incredibly annoyed and confused. In the end, all they could do was wait by the small opening in the tree, hoping Hermione would emerge before night finally fell. 





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