The lone Ghost

This is the ballad of a ghost who is waiting foe her sister.....


1. The lone ghost

The pale faced girl walked alone on the sand; down the stretch of the beach, before dissapearing into the mist. Her billowing dress catches the wind; her eyes sad and yearning; she leaves footprints in the sand, until her apparition dissapears. But the footsteps continue.......

The pale girl stands

Alone on the beach

Waiting for her sister

Just out of reach


Her eyes are sad

As black as night

Her billowing dress

Catching the wind's plight


A year she's been waiting

Maybe even two

As her apparation disspears

Her footsteps continue


She is welcomed by the mist

That surrounds the sea

Yearning and waiting

Every night's eve


And still she stands

On the damp beach

Hand in hand with her sister

And in peace they sleep

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