I don't have a mum

Fern and rosie live in an horrible care home.
no one likes them there and thre the only ones who have to share a room even though theres 5 spare rooms.there walls are mouldy and rats scurry around in there clothes but one day a miracle happens,helping find there path to life...


2. what goes on around here

Rosie pov

I feel lost alone in a dark world were no one cares about you.i hate it here ,the only thing that makes me happy is my sister fern.We both go through the same pain ,so she can help me and tell me what helps her.I cant wait till we leave this place. Me and fern are planning to buy a really nice apartment with sea views and have are own private boat to sail around the world,But we know we can dream.

"get down here now you muppets other wise you want have any dinner ...3....2...1 you should be down here"shouted Adi the most horrible care worker.

"coming ,coming"i shouted down the stairs

"We were just tidying up are room and we just couldn't stop"said fern backing me up so we wouldn't get into that much trouble.

"fine"he shouted"just as long as you eat it all up,we made your favorite especially for you "he snarled with an evil grin on his face "rat soup"

"NNNOOO"me and fern mouthed,no one else had to have that they all got pizza,soup and other delectable things whilst we had to eat the rats from are room

As we walked into the dining room every one held there nose and fell silent, glaring a evil glare at us. max one of the boys there said "oh look its wee and poo coming down to get flushed down the toilet",(whenever we come into the dining room they say this)

"shut up"fern said angrily at them.

you can see why i don't like it here...


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