I don't have a mum

Fern and rosie live in an horrible care home.
no one likes them there and thre the only ones who have to share a room even though theres 5 spare rooms.there walls are mouldy and rats scurry around in there clothes but one day a miracle happens,helping find there path to life...


1. life

Ferns pov

Hi i'm fern i'm Rosie's older sister.Life is tough for us first we have to share a room no one else in the care home does and there's plenty more spare rooms,we have the moldy attic room with rats scurrying around us (ugh )it makes me shiver thinking about it.Everyone hates us there because we stink and we not aloud to  have a shower because apparently it cost to much money for us!!!!!!One girl Libby has a shower every morning and night .Is it to much to ask to stop her having two showers every day ,and then we might not smell.I hate it here. The care workers are so mean to us as well lying to us saying that' we got dumped here by are mum and they were so angry with her because they didn't except animals.I just punched them and wasn't aloud to eat any food for a week.So i told Rosie to steal some of her little food for me.i'm not sure why they don't treat every one evenly, like when Libby comes back from town with clothes they just say'did you have a nice shopping trip' but when i come back they ether rip my clothes or give them to Libby because they say i have way to many things .i don't have any and Libby has every type of clothing in all colors of the rainbow so unfair.me and Rosie don't get anything Rosie's still wearing her clothes from when she was 5 and shes now 10 . why cant they treat us like every one else so me and Rosie don't have to pray every night to get fostered or Become 16 faster so then we can get out of this dump.

                   !!!!!!!!!I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!

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