Spy rivals

Two worlds collide when talented agent 007 meets pathetic Agent jonny english.


7. To the city center

English and Bond made their way to the city center with hast. They searched and asked around in aid to find the thief. 

"ooooooo!!! That's a nice watch!! Oh come on James please please please please please can we go in!!" Begged English

"no English no English come back!!"Yelled Bond

Though however loud Bond yelled, he couldn't stop English from going into the jewelers and looking at all of the different watches the shop had to offer. Whilst English was having fun..... in a jewelers, Bond spotted a man trying to sell an item which reminded Bond of something. OH NO!!! 

"English. He's the man. Look, he's trying to sell the crown jewels. STOP HIM!!" Whispered Bond trying not to catch the thieves attention. 

English nodded and winked at Bond he started to make his move. He crept up on the thief and with one step........ he tumbled to the floor. He instantly alerted the thief and he began to run out of the shop with the crown jewels. He started to run when unexpectedly, he tripped over Jonny's leg and tripped. He let go of the crown jewels, fell and Jonny actually managed to catch the jewels. Once English realized what he had caught, he picked himself and ran out the shop, into a taxi with Bond straight to the airport. 

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