Spy rivals

Two worlds collide when talented agent 007 meets pathetic Agent jonny english.


2. mission Jonny English

"right English. This is the test. It's physical and brain challenging. Be prepared. You have to pass this test." Bond tried to get it into Jonny's head.

at this point English seemed to be engaged with a spider. He was brushing it's head and cooing it like it was a baby. Even the spider looked as if he wanted to swallow English whole. 

"ENGLISH! pay attention! you will not get anywhere like this" said Bond getting really frustrated now.

English was cooing the spider again then when he heard Bond's voice, he jumped like mad. 

"umm Test? nooooo! there cant be a test!" said Jonny

"umm Test? YES! there is a test! and you're not going to pass at this rate" Bond yelled losing  his voice a bit.

Jonny was startled and decided to start training straight away. He ran, went to the gym and actually, Bond was quite impressed! English came in the next day with no T-shirt on. He had a six-pack and he obviously wanted to sow it off. 

" OK English, Im going to train with you today."Said Bond

" what? Umm you cant, because...urrrr....you just cant" stuttered English.

Bond gave English a look. A look that even the hulk would wince at. English instantly gave in.

Jonny huffed and puffed whilst Bond zoomed off in a flash. English still had no top on. Bond gave English a weird look. English didn't know why.

Jonny felt a weird sensation on his stomach. He looked down. His "six - pack" was sliding down his stomach. Jonny used his mum's mascara to draw a six pack on his belly and now he was sweating, the mascara was flowing down his potted belly and dripping onto his shorts.

"English.........." Bond started

"Ok i know I drew it on and i know i havent done the exercises and I know im going to fail so please dont yell at me and (breath)" Said English, speedy and in one whole breath.

but Bond wasn't there anymore. He had stormed off leaving English lying on the floor wheezing and panting.

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