Spy rivals

Two worlds collide when talented agent 007 meets pathetic Agent jonny english.


6. Mission begins

The next morning, Bond and English set off on their mission. It wasn't the usual big mission as English had only just begun working for Bond. Their mission was to retrieve the stolen crown jewels. They were stolen last week and there were reports of the crown jewels being taken to New York which is where Bond and English were at that moment. There first aim was to discover where the robber was hiding and to track him down. Bond hoped that English would do better than he had before. 

Firstly, they went around the town with the only picture they had of the thief and asked if they had seen him. They asked round for 2 hours until one man said he had seen him recently. 

"Thank you. Do you know where he may be now?" Asked Bond, hopefully.

"umm I'm not certain...... but he may be heading towards the city center. I remind you though I am not certain." Said the man 

"thank you. you are of great assistance" Replied English.

Bond and English started to head towards the city center. 

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