Spy rivals

Two worlds collide when talented agent 007 meets pathetic Agent jonny english.


3. English on a thread

"Look English. Bond has told me all about your mishaps and troubles. I am never usually consulted like this but you are an agent I have never met before" Said Em

English hung his head.

"however. Due to your report, I know you aren't your best in the sports part. I know you exell yourself in thinking. I will let the test go BUT ! you must do well in this next mission. Otherwise I don't know what i will do" Said Em.

"don't worry ma'am, I will show you how good I am and that you made the right choice." Said a relieved Jonny English.

" You better" Muttered Em under her breathe.

Jonny knew his job with Bond  was now on a thread. He knew he had to impress both bond and Em to keep it. He was a Jonny on a mission, literally.  

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