Spy rivals

Two worlds collide when talented agent 007 meets pathetic Agent jonny english.


5. Casino fail

Bond and English arrived at the casino. Bond managed to scrub up well. English...  not so well. He didn't exactly look the part. Bond went on flirting straight away ( no surprise there then) |English started straight away too but he didn't get a good a result. He spotted a hot girl for him  to flirt with. He walked over to her with a look in his eye and this weird walk. The girl looked sort of interested until English tripped into the casino table. she laughed pretending she was never interested and turned away. English was upset and looked for Bond. He thought if he stood with him then he wouldn't look entirely stupid. English stood up and walked over to Bond trying to look as cool as he could ( not cool at all).

Bond was in the middle of flirting. English's bad looks and weird walk totally put the girls off.

"no no wait!! No he's not with me promise!!! ENGLISHHHHH" Bond pleaded.

"What??" Said English

"You are rubbish at this flirting. Im not staying here any longer." Sulked Bond

English didn't know what was bad about his flirting even though the rest of the building did. English left the casino following Bond trying to stop his rampage.

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