Spy rivals

Two worlds collide when talented agent 007 meets pathetic Agent jonny english.


1. English and his new assistant

"007, as you know your last assistant was unfortunately killed in action. This means you need a new one. We have recrouted somebody to take his place. He's called Jonny English. (whisper) Be easy on him Bond" said the receptoinist.

"dont worry. Maam wont have recrouted him if he wasn't up to scratch" said 007.


007 spun around to see who it was. It was English. He had just come from India. Jonny had just crashed into a vase and managed to make it crash to the floor.

"umm yes I was totally meant to do that. so when do we start" english tried to say without hesiation.

the receptionist looked at 007 with an expression that showed she was trying to say, "I told you, good luck"

Bond closed his eyes, counted to ten, took a deep breathe and looked at English.

" soo English. Im Bond.... James Bond. Code name 007. I dont have messing around so you need to get your act together."

English gulped.


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