The Raggedy Man

It's the year of 2026 and Lily Luna Potter is in her final year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily is eighteen and is ready to decide on what she wants to do in life after her amazing time at Hogwarts. However, a raggedy man in a blue police box arrives and her life is turned upside-down. The wizarding world is in danger and instead of focusing on her future, Lily needs to focus on keeping alive.
(My entry for the crossover competition!)


9. The Weeping Angels

   "Let the feast begin!", Professor McGonagall announced. The sliver platters on the four tables of the Great Hall filled with the most wonderful Christmas dinner you could ever imagine. I gazed in awe at the plump turkeys being carved into slices magically by knives and the boats of gravy which travelled the length of the table and back. Professor McGonagall had a sprig of holly in her tight grey bun and her wrinkled face was pulled into a smile. She was wearing festive red and green robes and her eyes were twinkling merrily behind her glasses. She took her place upon the staff table and I watched as she offered to pull a cracker with Hagrid.

   It was the Christmas feast at last. Crackers were exploding around me and the scent of pine was wafting round the room. The Christmas tree stood proud and tall, decorated beautifully like usual, fairy lights glinting softly and the festive baubles shining upon it like strange fruits.  The tree was different from the one at home; at home, the tree was covered in a mess of homemade decorations. The Hogwarts tree was neat, the decorations placed symmetrically by the use of magic.  The first years were trying to take everything in, their heads swivelling this way and that to catch a glimpse of the newly decorated Great Hall. Their mouths were gaping at the snow falling onto their heads and at the Christmas angel hovering around the room. Not a single face was frowning.

    I managed to sneak some turkey and roast potatoes into a red napkin for The Doctor. Everyone was too busy tucking into their food to notice me pushing them off my plate and into my lap, where the napkin was waiting. I wrapped it carefully and slipped it into my coat pocket.

    After the silver platters were polished clean of any vegetables and turkey, they refilled with yule logs and Christmas pudding. As it was my last Christmas at Hogwarts, I decided to eat as much as I wanted and ended up having about four slices of yule log. I sneakily took one more slice and craftily put it into my coat pocket like the turkey and potatoes. I lay back in my seat with my hands on my stomach and breathed out heavily. Daisy did likewise from beside me and grinned.

   "I'll miss this", Daisy sighed. I nodded sadly in agreement.

   "Cracker?", I smiled. We pulled either side of the cracker firmly and with a loud bang, the contents burst from it. The contents being two strange hats; a bonnet and an admiral's hat. I looked at Daisy out of the corner of my eye and I saw her looking at me. We both leapt onto the admiral's hat and wrestled with it. With many a pulling, I finally wrenched it from her grip and placed it upon my head.

    "Yes!", I exclaimed.

    "Fine, I'll have the bonnet", Daisy laughed.

    The Christmas feast ended with a speech from Professor McGonagall who wished us all a Merry Christmas. That's the last time I'll hear that speech, I thought to myself. We filed out of the Great Hall in our houses. I told Daisy that I was going for a walk for some air because I felt sick and she believed me instantly. I felt bad lying to my friend but it was the only choice I had. She was so full and happy that I could get away with it.

    I peered inside my bag. The Doctor's present was still at the bottom of the bag but this time underneath my presents from my family. I rushed through the stone courtyards and along the wooden bridge. I ran down the snowy hill when I spotted the TARDIS among the trees. How odd. I swore this was where the statue was before.

    I knocked upon the TARDIS door. The Doctor greeted me with a smile as he opened the door.

    "Merry Christmas!" I yelled at him.

    "And Merry Christmas to you!" The Doctor grinned. "But why are you wearing that hat? Is it some sort of wizard thing?"

    "Oh, no", I said, realising I still had the admiral's hat on, and blushed. "You can have it, you like odd hats!" I took it off and gave it to him,but for some absurd reason he put it at an angle on his head. "There, it suits you," I said said, trying to hide a giggle. The Doctor just chuckled.

  I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out napkins of food, passing them shyly into The Doctor's hands. The Doctor thanked me and said there was no really need for it. He ate it slowly, smacking his lips and relishing it.

    "I also got you this in Hogsmeade", I blurted out. I pulled out the peacock quill and passed it to him. "Sorry it's not much but I don't have a lot of money."

    "It's beautiful!" The Doctor said, admiring the colours of the peacock feather. "Thank you Lily." He then surprised me, by pulling me into a tight hug. I awkwardly patted his back. He let go almost as soon as he hugged me and grinned, the sentimental moment gone. "Thanks for not making me a lonely man this Christmas!"

    The Doctor asked me what Christmas was like at Hogwarts and at home with my family. He let me talk for ages, listening contently and he actually seemed interested in what I was saying. It was nice that he appreciated it; I didn't have any muggle friends to talk to this kind of thing about, or any other Time-Lord friends for that matter.

    "I saw a strange statue this morning," I hinted, looking over to The Doctor to see his reaction. He froze and his eyes widened slightly but then tried to act relaxed.

    "Yeah?" he said, remaining calm. "What did it look like?"

    "Well I was at the top of the Owlery when I saw it so I couldn't see it clearly. It was stone and had wings... like a person with wings! An angel or something." The Doctor jumped up so abruptly that his admiral's hat fell off. He quickly scooped it up and shoved it under his arm.

   "Are you sure that's what you saw?", The Doctor said, putting one hand on my shoulder and shaking me slightly but firmly.


   "No, no, no!", The Doctor shouted, his eyes burning with fury. He took his presents and put them in the TARDIS before storming back out. He paced backwards and forwards, wringing his hands and scraping his hands through his dark hair. "This is all my fault. I've put you in danger. I didn't want this to happen!".

   I didn't understand why he was so angry. What was the danger? Lots of strange and magical things happened in the wizarding world, I was sure a stone angel wouldn't be any different. I asked him what was so wrong about this odd statue.

   "What's right?", The Doctor whispered, eyes glistening. He explained to me with no emotion, as if trying to contain his anger before exploding again. This was no ordinary statue. This was a Weeping Angel. Weeping Angels were capable of sending you back into the past with a single touch, even as far back as before you were born. With a blink of an eye, they could move at an astonishing speed towards you. The angels have a quantum-lock, which is an uncontrollable reaction to being seen.

   "Don't blink", The Doctor mumbled, looking off into the distance. "Or you will be attacked". I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn't. One of these angels was in Hogwarts and we didn't know where. We were the only ones who knew about it so it was up to us to do something about it.

   "Well come on, let's go find it and stop it", I said.

   "No", The Doctor snapped. "I don't want you hurt. Look, I'll sort it out. Somehow".

   "I'm not some little girl!", I shouted. "I'm capable of helping you!".

   "I know Lily", The Doctor sighed, looking at me desperately. "But I can't get you into any more trouble".

   "Fine, you sort it out", I said firmly, marching off up the hill. At last minute, I whipped around screaming. "Don't expect any more presents from me! You're a selfish, selfish man Doctor!".

    I walked off with tears of sadness or anger, I couldn't tell, running down my face.

   At that moment, I was too angry to care that I hurt The Doctor's feelings and that I had let my fiesty red hair get the better of me again.

   Too angry to realise that I was the selfish one and that The Doctor, was in fact, the least selfish person you could ever meet.


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