The Raggedy Man

It's the year of 2026 and Lily Luna Potter is in her final year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily is eighteen and is ready to decide on what she wants to do in life after her amazing time at Hogwarts. However, a raggedy man in a blue police box arrives and her life is turned upside-down. The wizarding world is in danger and instead of focusing on her future, Lily needs to focus on keeping alive.
(My entry for the crossover competition!)


12. The Problem of The Weeping Angels

     Dodging in and out of the trees, we sprinted as fast as we could, hand in hand. My breathing got heavier and heavier. All I could hear was the sound of myself panting and a strange sound from behind me; the angels moving, getting closer and closer. I knew that I had to turn around before they attacked me, I couldn't outrun them.

     I turned round quickly on my heel and took a few steps back. The angels had stopped now that I was looking at them, but they were still in their terrifying positions. Sharp teeth bared, blank grey eyes staring, hands raised ready to attack.

    What if I hadn't turned around at that moment? I dreaded to think looking at their horrifying faces. Angels seemed to be a very ironic thing to call them when looking at them like that. Angels were innocent and protective, not demonic.

   "They're after me aren't they Doctor?", I whispered hoarsely, out of breath from running.

   "It seems so", The Doctor said curiously. "But why?".

   "What can we do? We can't stand staring at them forever!", I said frustratedly.

   For the first time, The Doctor looked clueless. Like he had no idea whatsoever, like he was hopeless. Just for a second. Then his eyes glazed back over to looking determined and hopeful.

    "We'll go back to the others looking at the other angel, we can tell them all about it. We'll just have to lead these angels to the other one so they're all in a group and we know where they are at least", The Doctor said firmly.

    We ran in giant strides, darting at our top speed then whipping round to look at the angels, stopping them in their tracks. Our plan was working. We did this all the way back to the other angel; trekking the entire length of the Dark Forest and through snowy grass till we reached the Quidditch pitch. It was hard to see very far in front of us on our way there with the little light from my wand, but from being at Hogwarts for years, I found it easy to navigate us to the pitch. The moon had been clouded over as if to laugh at us and make it even harder to see.

     Professor McGonagall spotted us by the light of my wand and opened her mouth to speak, but The Doctor yelled, telling her to stay there and keep looking at all four angels. I led The Doctor the way up the wooden stairs inside the seating of the stadium where one of the four towers was, which led up to the Gryffindor seating area. The planks of wood creaked beneath us, both of us hurrying up the steps, sometimes taking three at a time. We emerged through a door to Professor McGonagall, still staring out at the angels. She was standing on the top row of seats and her eyes looked baggier than usual, very tired and stressed. Daisy was still there along with some older Gryffindor students and Professor Longbottom was standing alongside.

    Daisy turned her head tiredly and saw me. She ran towards me instantly and threw her arms around my neck, clasping me in a hug. I clutched her back and apologised for not telling her about The Doctor, keeping it secret from her. Daisy simply said that she understood.

    "Who really is The Doctor? Is that his real name?", she whispered to me, as if not to offend The Doctor.

   "It's a long story. I'll have to tell you once this is all over", I replied. Once this is all over, I repeated in my mind. Would it be over? This couldn't go on forever, staring at the angels. I was sure we could stop more from coming in but I had no idea what we could do to get rid of them. Leading them back out into the muggle world was not really an option, it would be too dangerous for them and we couldn't risk the angels attacking muggles.

    "Wait!", I suddenly thought. "The muggles came through before the angels, so something must have broken through the protective spell for the muggles to be able to get in... Doctor, it must have been you, in your TARDIS!".

    "Ah", The Doctor said apologetically. "That's my time machine, my ship for all of you who haven't met her".

   "That explains it. I don't think our protective spells work against time machines or ships", Professor McGonagall said steadily, still looking at the angels. I think she was trying to acknowledge the fact that The Doctor, 'a school inspector', arrived in a flying time machine and now stone angels were attacking the school. "I would have thought no beasts such as these angels would be able to get through".

    Professor McGonagall's eyes suddenly widened and she whipped her head to face Professor Longbottom, her nose flaring like an angry bull. "You! You were supposed to fix the protective spell so no more muggles could get in! Now you have endangered our pupils by letting these monsters in!".

    Professor Longbottom turned a shade of crimson and stuttered his apologies, agreeing when she told him to repair the broken spell. He stalked off quickly and embarrassed, like a child who had just been told off by its teacher.

    "Right, we need a plan", The Doctor announced, rubbing his hands together. He told three Gryffindors to carry on watching the angels but still listen while he talked. We all crowded around him and listened intensely. He started to explain all the features of the angels such as how fast they were and their ability to take you to the past. When he explained he looked at each person in turn, looking into their eyes deeply with his to make sure they understood completely.

    People started to make suggestions, suggesting such things as smashing them with a hammer and leading them off the edge of a cliff.

   "Can't we just blow them to smithereens with a spell?", Logan, a fair haired boy from Gryffindor, prompted with a raise of his eyebrow, as if this was the obvious solution and as if he thought everyone had forgotten we owned wands.

   "They can't be killed. When you're looking at them, they're stone and stone can't be killed", The Doctor quipped. Logan closed his mouth and didn't make any more suggestions.

   After The Doctor told us this, we sat there clueless, staring helplessly at The Doctor. I tried to wrack my brains, running through in my head the weaknesses of the angels. When they're looked at, they can't move. However, as soon as we blink or turn away they could attack us in a heartbeat. We can't stand watching them forever.

    I looked at the group of us standing in a circle.

    I leapt up suddenly, making everyone jump.

    "What is it Lily?", Daisy asked concerned.

    "It's crazy and I don't know if it will work. But I think I have a plan".

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