The Raggedy Man

It's the year of 2026 and Lily Luna Potter is in her final year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Lily is eighteen and is ready to decide on what she wants to do in life after her amazing time at Hogwarts. However, a raggedy man in a blue police box arrives and her life is turned upside-down. The wizarding world is in danger and instead of focusing on her future, Lily needs to focus on keeping alive.
(My entry for the crossover competition!)


13. The Plan

    The group looked eagerly at me, leaning forward and waiting for me to tell them. You could even see the Gryffindors watching the Weeping Angels twitching their heads slightly like they were desperate to turn round and listen to me, but they stayed loyal to their positions. The Doctor seemed the most eager, looking at me interestedly.

    "When you look at the angels they can't move right? When they're being looked at by anything, they can't do a thing to us. They're stuck. So what if we got them looking at each other in a circle? Surely they wouldn't be able to move then because they're always looking at each other?", I said, looking at The Doctor for guidance. His face broke into a grin.

    "But how would we get them into a circle without someone being trapped between them, genius?", Logan said rudely.

   "Simple. I lure them in and when they're around me in a circle, I apparate".

   "You can't apparate inside of Hogwarts".

   "I'll lure them into Hogsmeade. To some remote part so they're out of the way of people".

   Logan opened his mouth, but couldn't find anything to go against what I said, so he crossed his arms tightly and huffed.

    "You're a genius!", The Doctor laughed, clutching my face inbetween his hands and giving me a strong kiss on the forehead.  I smiled back shyly and told him it was nothing, but inside I was beaming with pride.

    That is when we started to plan. At dawn when it was getting light but when everyone was asleep, I would lure one angel at a time to separate places; North, South, East and West to the place in which I would choose to be bait. When I lured one angel, two people would come with me to stand and look at the angel, keeping it there. I would do this for each angel. When I was waiting in the position, I'd give a signal for the people to leave the angels. Hopefully, the angels would then come towards me and at last minute when they were all in a tight circle, I would apparate.

    Since this was the only plan we had, we just had to hope that it would work.

   "We can't put you in danger like this Lily dear", Professor McGonagall objected. "It should be me who does the apparating!".

    "It's me they're after Professor. We don't know why, but they are, so we'll just have to work with it. They will follow me", I told her.

    Professor McGonagall muttered furiously to herself, but she didn't object anymore, so we found ourselves waiting under the stars using the light of our wands to see and keeping warm by making a flame appear at the end of our wands.

   The angels looked even more eerie with shadows casting across their bodies, covering their faces. I shuddered and I wasn't sure if it was from the cold or the sight of the angels. I was starting to get nervous, worrying if something went wrong, like I would suddenly not be able to apparate when four angels were surrounding me.

    I realised that I was incredibly tired and found my eyelids dropping heavily, my eyes staying shut for longer than usual with every blink. None of us had slept for the entire night. We did take shifts to look at the angels, but none of us took our shift off to sleep. I think we were all too afraid.

    The Doctor was as alert as ever. Not the wide eyed, active kind of alert. The kind of alert where his eyes stared knowingly and thoughtful. He had stayed for every shift of looking at the angels and he didn't look the slightest bit tired. I wondered what he was thinking. I always wondered what he was thinking to be truthful. He never seemed to speak of his past and I wondered what things he'd seen. Was he thinking of happy memories or sad memories? You couldn't tell by his face if he was really happy. It was as if he wore a mask to please everyone, and that made me feel upset. Surely he trusted me enough to tell me how he was feeling?

    "It's dawn", Daisy suddenly whispered in my ear, making me jump. I turned to see the sun rising in the distance, bringing with it a light orange and pink glow. It was time.

    "Daisy and Logan, you come with me for the first angel", I said, more confidently than I felt. I looked at The Doctor and he nodded. I took a deep breath and we made our way down the creaky staircase to the ground floor. Three more Gryffindors followed; they would be in charge of keeping the other three angels stationary while we led one angel away. The odd group of students, teachers and a time lord waiting in the Quidditch stands would face the other way while we lead one angel away, so the lured angel had freedom to move after us.

    The six of us approached the angels. The three other Gryffindors were two boys and one girl. One boy was called Daniel and he was a towering person, taller than all of the teachers with long, lanky arms and black hair. The other was Felix, a boy with wild blonde curls, much shorter and stockier than Daniel with a freckled nose. He was gluing his mouth shut and turning as white as the snow itself. The girl was Susan. I'd known her to be a very quiet and shy person with her mousy brown plaits, but seemed a  lot more confident, more confident than Felix. She stared the angel right in the eyes, standing as still as the statue. Maybe she too, like me, craved adventure.

    I did not have the time to ponder on this anymore. Daniel, Felix and Susan stood a footstep away from the angels and now Felix was turning a shade of green quite like a bogey flavoured Bertie Bott's bean.

    "Okay, do what I do", I whispered to Daisy and Logan. I had no idea why I was whispering, I think it was because I felt that the angels could hear me some how and that made me shiver. It was a strange thought to think that these angels could come alive when you weren't looking, that they weren't just statues.

    I walked slowly backwards, my eyes fixed on that one angel at the end of the row. Suddenly, I turned around and bolted through the snow, Daisy and Logan copying me by my side, the three of us hurtling as fast as we could. Whipping my body around, the angel was now a couple of steps away from us and when Logan turned round with me and Daisy, he shrieked a girly scream. The angel had followed us, bared teeth, clawed hands and all. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Logan was sweating madly. I didn't blame him.

    After a while of doing this, Daisy and Logan seemed to get the hang of it. Sprint, sprint, sprint, turn. Sprint, sprint, sprint, turn. It was rather monotonous but it had to be done. It warmed us up though; I'd forgotten that we were all wearing our Quidditch costumes and not anything warm like our gloves and scarves.

    Through the snow and along the stone wall to Hogsmeade we ran. The path to Hogsmeade was clear of people, unlike the many times I'd seen it, busy with students from Hogwarts. The three of us spoke nothing the entire time, only ragged breaths and pants coming from our mouths. We reached Hogsmeade, still looking Christmassy and twee, the kind of thing you'd find on the front of a Christmas card. Definitely not the place you'd find four Weeping Angels.

    "The Shrieking Shack!", I said aloud. "If we lure the angels near the Shrieking Shack, they'll definitely be out of the way of people!".

    And that's how we were stood ten minutes later at the foot of the snowy hill where the Shrieking Shack was. It was said to be the most haunted house in Britain and many years ago, yowling and shrieking was said to be heard from inside the abandoned house. There was no way in, not that any one wanted to go in. It was very much like a shack, dismal and wooden with a pointed roof. This was the closest I'd ever been to it, that any one I knew had ever been to it.

    We led the angel right by the foot of the hill, facing away from The Shrieking Shack. Our first angel done.

    "I'm sorry I led us so far", I apologised to Daisy and Logan. "Now you keep the angel there and I'll be back soon".

   "Okay, but be quick. This angel is giving me the creeps", Logan shuddered.

   "Go quickly", Daisy smiled. So I ran all the way back through the forest area which led back into Hogsmeade, all the way through the sleepy village and back to the Quidditch pitch, my scarlet cloak billowing out behind me. The Doctor saw me from the stands and I gave him a thumbs up, gasping for breath. I bent over, my hands on my knees, gulping air.

   "Have a rest dear!", Professor McGonagall called to me affectionately.

   "No...second", I panted. I was determined to keep going as quickly as I possibly could. Professor McGonagall disappeared from view and appeared moments later at the bottom of the Quidditch stands, rushing towards me.

   "I shall escort you and Susan with this angel", she said, patting me on the back. I nodded, unable to speak due to lack of breath. I thought about how a woman her age could sprint alongside a young adult like me and Susan, then I remembered how fast she moved on the Quidditch pitch and kept my mouth closed.

   Like the last time, I stepped slowly backwards and began to hurtle the other way, Professor McGonagall miraculously keeping by my side. Susan was very pink in the cheeks as she ran, her eyes wide and excited. Sprint, sprint, sprint, turn. Sprint, sprint, sprint, turn.

   Sprint, sprint - trip.

   A blood curdling scream from behind me.

   I turned and screamed "Susan!".

   But Susan was gone.


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